Boys Can Cook Too! - Fast Snacks

Boys Can Cook Too! - Fast Snacks

Boys Can Cook Too!  - Fast Snacks   Cookbook

Boys Can Cook Too! - Fast Snacks Cookbook

Quick and Healthy Recipes for Active Boys on the Go

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Hey Boys, are you ready to make some fast, healthy snacks to enjoy after school or anytime with your friends? This book will introduce you not only to the kitchen, but also to healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Most boys think that only girls can cook. That’s simply not true. Boys Can Cook Too! This book will give you a beginner’s understanding of cooking and baking, allowing you to follow and understand recipes with simple, step-by-step instructions.

Although, some of you may be able to make these recipes on your own, most kids will need additional help from an adult, depending on their age and cooking level.

All of these recipes have been made by my active boys on the go, with some adult supervision. You will find every recipe easy to prepare, and very healthy. In addition, these recipes are very fun to make and eat too. This cookbook also has fun food trivia games and crossword puzzles, including inspirational messages for active boys on the go.

I hope you’ll enjoy this cookbook. I hope it inspires you to feel more comfortable in the kitchen and find out how easy it can be to make healthy delicious snacks for you and your friends.

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