Egg Shell Chalk

Egg Shell Chalk

by Dorinda
(Wonewoc, WI USA)

6 Eggshells
1 tsp hot water from the tap, as hot as you can stand it
1 tsp Flour
Tempera powdered paint (optional)

The next time you have eggs for breakfast ask to have six egg shells saved for you. The eggshells should be washed very well so that no egg is left in them. Dry them with a paper towel until they are completely dry. You can grind them in a bowl with the back of a spoon. Grind them in a bowl with a clean rock from outside. You can also use a mortar and pestle if you have one. Grind the eggshells into a fine powder, take out any little bits of egg shell that didn't grind up. You will need 1 Tbsp for one stick of chalk.

Measure the flour and the hot water into a small bowl. Stir them together to make a paste. Put 1 Tbsp of eggshell powder into the paste and mix well. Don't be afraid to mash it with the back of whatever you are stirring it with.

Shape mixture into a stick shape. Then roll it up in a paper towel cut to fit the piece of chalk. Let it dry. Drying may take about three days, so put it in a safe place where it won't get broke. After three days it's ready to use. Peel the paper off one end and you're ready to draw on your sidewalk.

A small amount of tempera powdered paint can be added for color.

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