jolly rancher suckers

jolly rancher suckers

by Dawn Whitt
(Ashtabula Ohio United States)

Put any 3 favor jolly ranchers you like
Stand them up in a medicine cup
Put a starburst in the middle smashed flat in top Then fill up a bowl of a little bit of water Then put the medicine cup in a bowl of water
Make sure the water isn't going in the medicine cup, then put the bowl with the jolly ranchers in the microwave until it starts to boil

Then get another bowl and put a little bit of water in with ice cubes
Then put the jolly rancher cup into the bowl of ice water

Wait until it starts to harden then put a sucker stick in the middle.
Let it sit until it fully hardens, then roll the medicine cup in your hands to unbreak the sucker from the cup pop it out and enjoy.

They're great!!!!

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