Kids Cook the World

Kids Cook the World

(London, UK)

I gave this book to my friend who has kids aged between 4 and 12. Cooking together with them is so much fun and with this book it was very easy to get the children involved:

Step by step the cooking method is documented with pictures of cheerful kids cooking the menu. And the book is illustrated with a lot interesting pictures presenting different countries without stereotyping. Even I learned some unexpected things... or did you know that an average Greek person consumes over 26 liters of olive oil per year?

Simple ingredients, easy to cook & at the same time delicious results! We especially enjoyed the Mexican chicken fajitas. We adults were so surprised how much even the youngest loved this spicy dish with Cajun, chilli and cumin.

Yummy pictures of meals from all over the world that motivated the kids to try some food they never heard about before! They chose the Jollof Rice from Ghana just because they loved the name of it. And it turned out to be become a standard family dish by now, as it is simply delicious and you can make endless variations with mushrooms, prawns, different kind of veggies... what ever is left in the fridge!

All in all a very fun way to teach kids how to cook, being open towards new food from all over the world and to make them curious about these countries.

It makes such a nice difference to see finally a cookbook FOR children with meals without fairy cakes and silly smiles... I can highly recommend it!

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