Spatulatta Cookbook

Spatulatta Cookbook

Award Winning Spatulatta cookbook

Award Winning Spatulatta cookbook

The Spatulatta Cookbook by Isabella Gerasole and Olivia Gerasole

This colorful cookbook is packed full of fun and delicious recipes. The authors, pre-teen sisters Olivia and Isabella Gerasole have won a prestigious James Beard award for their website (, which teaches other kids how to cook via video webcasts.

The Spatulatta Cookbookis arranged according to season and features dozens of great-looking recipes. It also has special sections for snacks and vegetarian dishes. Including well-illustrated chapters on "basic skills" for those who don't have a clue how to separate an egg, chop an onion, or measure ingredients.

Each page-turn reveals another fun-looking dish to prepare along with bright photographs. The Spatulatta Cookbook will make your kids as enthusiastic about cooking as Isabella and Olivia.

You can buy it here.

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