The Traditional Kid-friendly Thanksgiving Treat

The Traditional Kid-friendly Thanksgiving Treat

by Renae

This is a very healthy and delicious Thanksgiving idea that the kids will LOVE. I am a kid myself so this is particularly appealing to me. Last year I thought about recipes. The only reason I did not cook it is because of my braces. It is really easy, all you have to do is get a ham and some steak fingers.

Then you get a small ball such as an apple(the reason it was not compatible with my braces.) After you do that, all you have to do is get some edible food coloring and make the apple brown. If you like olives go with olives, if you like cherries go with cherries but use some type of small round food for eyes.

I was going to use a carrot for the nose and a banana for the mouth, but the options vary widely. Put the steak fingers as the tail of the turkey, use the ham as the stomach or main body, and use the facial pieces as I earlier directed. For legs, if you chose to add legs, a good option would be cheese sticks.

I know that that statement may make me look crazy "cheese isn't in the shape of a turkey leg." Use cheese sticks for the main leg part and cut 2 cheese sticks in half for the branching claw-like features.

Guess what you have? I suppose that I have already given it away several times in the recipe. You now have a completely edible turkey! Kids love things like this and it is still the traditional Thanksgiving things.

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