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Cooking Learning Ebooks- Teach Kids Cooking Lessons with these age appropriate, step by step lessons combined into one curriculum!

We've compiled all our kids cooking lessons into one easy to read e-book including a section for each age group. This e-book is designed to give you and your family, friends, organizations, youth groups or homeschool groups a fun hands on cooking experience in the kitchen.

Thank you very much, you have saved me alot of time with my lesson planning. In Britain now, we need to put lesson objectives with each lesson plan, so using your plans it will be simple just to add these.

I particularly like the Assistant Chef and Chef-in-training lessons; as I work in an Additionally Resourced Unit, the structure of these plans is very suited to our children. Many thanks once again,

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Along with all of our kids cooking lessons we've also included in this ebook:

Cook and learn about food worksheets
Activities to do in the kitchen
Cooking quizzes
A Review of what was learned in each section
Tips on teaching in groups
Filler ideas when you're waiting for your lessons to cook
BONUS: When you've finished our four lesson levels move on to our 10 Basic Cooking Lessons
As a matter of fact we have packed every nook and cranny of each page with cooking ideas, recipes and kids cooking fun.

You can buy the Kids Cooking Lessons as an Instructor Manual and a Student Manual and in an Electronic Digital Download.

As well as included in a complete Teacher Curriculum Set.

What do people love about our Cooking & Learning ebooks?

We have so much valuable information and recipes on our site that our readers, kids, teachers and parents can get overwhelmed. Our Kids Cooking Activities Ebooks make it easier and convenient to have a printable ebook available that has no ads and easy to teach with. I've used them myself in teaching and have added thoughts and suggestions to help you in teaching.

If you'd like our lessons in e book form with extra learning worksheets, more recipes and other things not available on our website, then this e-book is for you.

There is seriously so much information and fun in these books it's impossible to condense into a review. I learned so much from these books for both my children and I. The layout is easy to read. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. There are recipes/instructions for children of all ages.
~Give Peas a Chance Blog

Kids Cooking Lessons Ebook

Receive all of our kids lessons in the Assistant Chef, Chef in Training, Junior Chef and Senior Chef levels along with added teaching tips, quizzes, worksheets and more. Plus once you've finished the Senior Chef level move on to a bonus section with our 10 Basic Cooking Lessons.

See our Teacher Curriculum Set for teaching Kids Cooking Lessons in a complete ready to go set.

YOUR BOOKS ARE FABULOUS! I knew by viewing your website over the past few months that you had a lot of what I need to perform my cooking classes, but I never dreamed that I would get the expertise and continuously wonderful ideas from your books! I am positively thrilled to death about them.

These Cooking Learning Ebooks are Perfect For:

checkmark redKids who love to cook

checkmark redParents who want to teach kids about cooking and good nutrition

checkmark redHome school families

checkmark redChildcare providers

checkmark redYouth group leaders

checkmark redGirl scout/Boy scout leaders

checkmark redAnyone who wants a planned curriculum or ideas for teaching kids to cook

checkmark redAfter school activities program

checkmark redKids Summer Camps

Immediately after your purchase, you can download your e-Book and start learning and cooking with the kids within minutes.

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