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We'll help you teach kids how to cook by creating fun adventures in the kitchen! 

These Kids Cooking Activities Ebooks will provide multiple activities and lessons for kids who love to cook.

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What do people love about our ebooks?

We have so much valuable information and recipes on our site that our readers, kids, teachers and parents can get overwhelmed. Our Kids Cooking Activities Ebooks make it easier and convenient to have a printable ebook available that has no ads and easy to teach with. I've used them myself in teaching and have added thoughts and suggestions to help you in teaching.

                You can find all our ebooks, teaching materials, worksheets and games in our

Kids Cooking Activities Store.

I love Kids-Cooking-Activities and your kids lessons ebook. It not only teaches about cooking, but about kitchen safety, etiquette and more, all while having fun. It's full of great recipes and activities for every age group. It even had lessons that I learned from. I have 4 kids ages 4-14 years and this book covered every age at our house. All my kids loved their lessons and we had fun.....together in the kitchen! This book has it all, for all my kids and me!
Cindy Godfrey, VA

I have recently started homeschooling my 8 year old and have a 4 year old as well. I am so excited about your books and will be starting our first cooking lessons soon.... Can't wait!

I love the outlay and it looks easy to use even for me (I don't really enjoy cooking much and really just get in the kitchen, do what I have to and get out). I have been worried about how I am going to teach my kids this important lesson of life and so this course of yours is very exciting to me.

You can find all our ebooks, teaching materials, worksheets and games in our Kids Cooking Activities Store.

YOUR BOOKS ARE FABULOUS! I knew by viewing your website over the past few months that you had a lot of what I need to perform my cooking classes, but I never dreamed that I would get the expertise and continuously wonderful ideas from your books! I am positively thrilled to death about them.

These Ebooks are Perfect For:

checkmark redKids who love to cook food facts

checkmark redParents who want to teach kids about cooking and good nutrition

checkmark redHome school families

checkmark redChildcare providers

checkmark redYouth group leaders

checkmark redGirl scout/Boy scout leaders

checkmark redAnyone who wants a planned curriculum or ideas for teaching kids to cook

checkmark redAfter school activities program

checkmark redKids Summer Camps

How wonderful these books that you have put together! As an educator, having the background information and examples is what makes these books stand out. Usually I would have to go searching for this information, but you made it user-friendly and fun!!

                You can find all our ebooks, teaching materials, worksheets and games in our Kids Cooking Activities Store.

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The two ebooks are very attractive and professionally done - it really looks good and I can see there is a HEAP of work in it.

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