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Do you ever need ideas for easy meals for your family? Or do you find yourself in the familiar scenario that its 5:00 pm and with all the events of the day you haven't thought about dinner, yet. Of course about that same time the children are tired and hungry and ready to eat NOW!

Every head chef of the family knows you need something quick and easy for family meals. And if you can get the children involved the better! We've helped you with ideas and recipes to speed your meals along. Which makes more time for your evening and hopefully a little less stress on you.

What to feed our children each day, three times a day can be quite a challenge.

I have three children and feeding them is sometimes a big ordeal. I like to cook but my family isn't always cooperative in trying new things or eating their vegetables. Does that sound familiar? I know this is a common thing in many households.

Kids Cooking Activities Teaching Materials

Make teaching easier with our activities and recipes compiled in theme sets and books with an easy to read format

Perfect for teaching!

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Easy Kids Recipes by Category

I have many readers that come to this site looking for help in preparing meals not just dinner and lunches but breakfast and snacks too. In my own life I'm always trying new recipes and meal ideas and I'm hear to share some of my favorites with you however you'll find many ideas and recipes provided by readers just like you included in this section.
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Easy Kids Meal Categories

6 or fewer ingredients air fryer recipes baking crock pot recipes easy meals freezer meals frugal living ideas instant pot recipeskikds cooking recipes meatless meals microwave meals no bake one pot sheet pan recipes

Help in Feeding Your Family

Picky Eater Tips
Training Children's Taste Buds

Family Dinner Time

Benefits of family meal time
and a printable dinner game
portion plate
Healthy Eating Ideas
Hidden Vegetable Recipes
Healthy portion sizes
6 or Fewer Ingredients:
Main Dishes

Side Dishes

What to stock in your Kitchen?
Part of having easy kids meals is to be well
prepared and organized.
 That includes knowing what to stock in your kitchen
 and having things available for cooking.

Specialty Meal Ideas

Feeding Toddlers
Low Calorie
Gluten Free
Low Carb

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