Non Reader Recipes

Whether you call them non reader, rebus, or picture recipes we have what you are looking for. If your kids are unable to read double-check if you think they should be cooking on the stove, using knives or kitchen appliances.

picture recipes
They should always have an adult present to supervise but if you want to give them a chance to follow a recipe and create something on their own, here are a few they can "read" that you can download.

A great idea is to print off the recipes and put them in sheet protectors. Place pages in a three ring binder and it can be your kids very own cookbook.

**Please note some recipes may require a supervisor's prep work (for example, cutting fruit) before they can start with the recipe themselves.

5 Non Reader Picture Recipes

Blooming Fruit Flowers
fruit flowers picture

Cat Eyes
cat eyes picture

Painted Toast
painted toast picture

Triple Snack Kabob
ham snack kabob picture

Yummy Sunflower
sunflower picture
Thank you for putting together the recipes for non-readers.  I've been looking for something like this to use with my kids for a long time.  Thanks for putting the time in to put these together and then post them for others to use.

More Picture Recipes with Step by Step Photo Directions

Date Muffins Step by Step Picture Recipe

date muffins picture recipe
Download this more detailed step by step picture recipe for Date Muffins.

Lunch and Dinner Picture Recipes

picture recipes lunch dinner
Step by Step Lunch/Dinner Photos Cookbook

Smoothie Step by Step Recipe Photo Cookbook

smoothie picture recipes
Step by Step Smoothie Recipe book

See all of our Picture Recipe Products available in our store.

Ideas to make your own recipes for non-readers

Find simple recipes your kids will or do enjoy making. Then make your own non reader pages with any of the following ideas:
  • Cut out pictures from magazines
  • Print off clip art pictures on your computer
  • Take actual pictures of ingredients

More Ideas

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