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Through the years I've come to understand just how much kids love to cook and want to help in the kitchen. When children are young they pretend to cook in the kitchen, make mud pies in the sandbox, and what kid hasn't made bubble cakes in the bath tub?
Kids do cooking activities all the time!

Educators whether they are homeschooling, teaching in a school system or volunteering in a youth program all have one thing in common, lack of time.

You can find them up late at night planning for classes and using any spare time they have for lesson planning and idea research. With our plans and ideas you will still need to do the grocery shopping but you'll never have to plan a cooking lesson again. So put on an apron and lets get started with Kids Cooking Activities.
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Get Started with Kids Cooking Activities

You could start with 20 ways to cook with your children. Read more on reasons for kids to learn to cook.

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