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I started my journey of working at home when my youngest was just a baby. (over 10 years ago!) I was looking for a way to write down some of my ideas and have a creative outlet for me besides being a mom with young kids.

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I started by writing and publishing and have since written many more websites. The two sites I continue to work on today are geared towards teaching kids life skills in the family consumer science field.  Kids Sewing Projects and Kids Cooking Activities 

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Are you curious about how to build your own website? Well, first of all I wouldn't build a site with anyone but SBI, also called Sitesell. I'll tell you why below. A lot of people use Wordpress to build blogs and Sitesell also has a program for building a Wordpress site called BizXpress.  Even if you aren't interested in SBI, I'll give you step by step ideas on getting started with your own website.

In August 2006, I started my first website. It was just an idea of something I love to do (cooking with kids). It has really gone better than I could have imagined. Within the first 6 months the cost of my webhosting and building company, SBI!, was paid for. A few months later I was able to renew for another year. Now, I'm making enough in one month to pay the annual fee. I love the fact that while I was having a busy summer my website kept making money and growing on its own.

Get started building your website!

I'd like to share what I have and am still learning about building a website. I've tried to include some of the questions and thoughts I had when I was first thinking of building a website and trying to find the answers.

There is a lot of information I'd like to cover with you so I've created a build your own website course to show you step by step how to go about creating a website and what you need to know to get started. Don't worry, it's free but filled with lots of great tips and resources that I have used myself.
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Some topics we'll discuss are:
  • How do you get ideas for building a website?
  • How easy is building a website?
  • How do you make money?
  • Ideas on building traffic
  • Finding time for a website on a busy schedule
  • Giving people information they want and case studies
I have many successful websites and I'd like to share what I have learned and am still learning about building a website.

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