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You could start with 20 ways to cook with your children.

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Planned Kids Cooking Curriculum

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Recent Additions and Changes to the Site

Finger paint recipes

Kids finger paint recipes to create at home a craft and cooking experience

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Silly putty recipes for your kids fun and enjoyment.

Silly putty recipes are like slimy play dough. What kid doesn't like slimy stuff! Silly putty can be called gak, goop, oblick, but whatever name you want to call it, it is great fun to play with.

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A-Z Kids Cooking Recipes

A-Z Kids Cooking Recipes-Letter activities to teach kids cooking through the alphabet.

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Rainbow theme dinner for kids.

Kids Rainbow theme dinner complete with a menu, centerpiece idea and dinner party theme invitation.

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Homemade Bath Salts

Recipes for homemade bath salts for kids cooking ideas.

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Homemade Scrub Recipes

Homemade scrub recipes using common ingredients in your kitchen. Ideas for a spa party or home spa treatment.

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Preschool Snack Recipes.

25 Favorite Preschool snack recipes

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Kitchen safety rules.

Kitchen safety rules and food safety sanitation tips information and checklist for teaching kids.

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Easy Dog Treat Recipes

How to bake homemade biscuits and easy dog treat recipes.

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Cooking in a Cup

Cooking in a muffin cup or silicone cup with these kids recipe ideas.

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Individual Meat Pies

These individual meat pies are fun and easy to put together with already made pie dough.

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Making Homemade Pasta Party

Try this fun making homemade pasta party idea and recipe for a kids cooking party that is sure to please.

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Chicken cordon bleu kids cooking party.

A chicken cordon bleu kids cooking party will teach kids to cook and have fun making their own mini cordon bleu.

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Spaghetti Pie Kids Cooking Party.

For this spaghetti pie kids cooking party kids can put together their own mini spaghetti pie and learn how to make it for their own family.

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Kids Cake Decorating Party

Create a kids cake decorating cooking party with these tips and ideas.

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Cookie Cake Decorating

Cookie cake decorating is a simple and easy way to use basic cake decorating techniques without baking a whole cake.

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Buttercream Frosting Techniques

Some of our favorite buttercream frosting techniques for decorating your cake.

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Under the sea party.

Check out this Under the sea party complete with menu ideas and dinner party ideas.

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Cooking with An Air Fryer Recipes and Ideas

Cooking with An Air Fryer Recipes and Ideas

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Cook with Books.

Promote reading and cooking with your kids with these cook with books ideas.

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Kale facts, an information sheet for kids cooking activities.

Kale facts to teach kids general information about kale and cooking with kale.

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Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Recipe -Orange 🍊 Juice Oranges contain a large amount of Vitamin C! INGREDIENTS (1 Glass) 2 to 3 oranges large 1/3 tsp sugar & salt

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Kids Cooking Videos for your kid chefs to watch, enjoy and learn.

Our kids cooking videos page will help chefs young and old develop their skill and love of cooking. Join us and enjoy these cooking lesson videos.

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Tomb Rolls at Easter Time

You use crescent rolls and wrap around a marshmallow dip in cinnamon and sugar and bake and the marshmallows melt. That is like Jesus being out in the

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Kids Free Recipe Cards

Start your kids recipe collection with these kids free recipe cards to download.

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Kids Summer Cooking Activities

Kids Summer Cooking Activities to beat the heat, have fun and get kids cooking.

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Summer Cake Decorating Ideas

Summer Cake Decorating Ideas-3 ideas to end your summer with some fun cake decorating ideas

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Summer Meal Ideas

Summer meal Ideas-planning during the summer with dinner, lunch and beverage recipes.

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Celebrate Earth Day Fun and Food Ideas

Celebrate Earth Day Fun and Food Ideas by planting these 5 ideas including making edible dirt cups.

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Dough ornament recipes and scented cut outs including gingerbread ornaments.

Dough ornament recipes and scented cut outs for your kids to create, decorate and enjoy whatever the season.

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Jar Mixes

We've included several jar mixes to give as presents for the holidays, teacher gifts or friends included are cooki mixes, soup, pancake and more.

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Surprise Ice Cream and Oreos Gift

Surprise Pot Why the recipe's name is surprise pot you will come to know at the end. Ingredients: cake slices of your choice (3/4 slices) 1 C vanilla

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Teaching Life Skills

Teaching Life Skills to Kids- curriculum and ideas for teaching young adults, teens or children life lessons.

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Homemade Easy ice cream recipes.

Kids Summer Cooking with easy ice cream recipes whether in a machine or without one.

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Kids homemade pizza party.

We have the recipe, planning, the to do list and everything you need to have a kids homemade pizza party.

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Dinner Kid Murder Mystery Party

Ideas and tips for hosting a dinner kid murder mystery party including menu ideas and game suggestions.

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Sleepover Party Ideas

Sleepover party ideas and food planning help for your kids next sleepover.

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Free Kids Cooking Printables.

Free kids cooking printables include worksheets on learning about kitchen safety, printable cooking activities, measuring charts, printable cooking recipes and some fun in thekitchen printables.

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Supreme sundae kids cooking party.

We've made this sundae kids cooking party a little unique by adding a cooking recipe and giving kids a chance to have a hands on cooking experience.

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Make teaching easier with our activities and recipes compiled in one easy to read format.

Get Started with Kids Cooking Activities

You could start with 20 ways to cook with your children. 70 simple kids cooking activities list. Or here are some different ideas to help you get started cooking!
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