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You will also find some fun kids cooking ideas, recipes and help in teaching your kids to cook.
You could start with 20 ways to cook with your children.

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Kids Cooking Activities Teaching Materials

Make teaching easier with our activities and recipes compiled in theme sets and books with an easy to read format

Perfect for teaching!

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Recent Additions and Changes to the Site

Tips for Picky Eaters.

Tips for picky eaters and suggestions for parents on what to do about it.

Continue reading "Tips for Picky Eaters."

Kids Thanksgiving recipes and ideas.

Kids Thanksgiving recipes and Thanksgiving ideas for your kids to get involved in this season of baking and cooking.

Continue reading "Kids Thanksgiving recipes and ideas."

Tips on Frugal Living

Tips on Frugal Living

Continue reading "Tips on Frugal Living"

Pie Recipes

A collection of our favorite homemade pie recipes.

Continue reading "Pie Recipes"

Supreme sundae kids cooking party.

We've made this sundae kids cooking party a little unique by adding a cooking recipe and giving kids a chance to have a hands on cooking experience.

Continue reading "Supreme sundae kids cooking party."

Halloween kid recipes and ideas for Kids Seasonal cooking.

This Halloween season gather the kids together and create some theme Halloween kid recipes or use these Halloween ideas to scare up some fun.

Continue reading "Halloween kid recipes and ideas for Kids Seasonal cooking."

Grapes facts, an information sheet for kids cooking activities.

Information sheets for Grapes facts to help kids learn about grapes. We've included a cooking recipe, grape storage tips and more general information.

Continue reading "Grapes facts, an information sheet for kids cooking activities."

Homemade Mix Recipes

Save money and eat healthier with homemade mix recipes.

Continue reading "Homemade Mix Recipes"

Cook with Books.

Promote reading and cooking with your kids with these cook with books ideas.

Continue reading "Cook with Books."

Halloween Recipe Ideas

Children's Halloween recipe ideas and fun to celebrate this Halloween season.

Continue reading "Halloween Recipe Ideas"

Sports Theme Party ideas.

Sports Theme party ideas and recipes for fun.

Continue reading "Sports Theme Party ideas."

Hot Cocoa Recipes

Make your own homemade Hot Cocoa Recipes.

Continue reading "Hot Cocoa Recipes"

Rose cookies

Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Butter 3/4 cup Sugar 1 1/2 cup Flour 2 Tablespoons Custard powder mixed fruit 1/4 cup Heavy cream 2 Tbsp Granola (Optional) Directions:

Continue reading "Rose cookies"

Amaretto Almond Cookies

Amaretto Almond cookies 4 eggs 4 tablespoons of sugar 300g almond flour 1 tablespoon cocoa 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar 4 tablespoons Amaretto liqueur 500g

Continue reading "Amaretto Almond Cookies"

Kids learn while cooking, Here is a quick look at what they learn

You might not even realize just how much kids learn while cooking because they are having so much fun.

Continue reading "Kids learn while cooking, Here is a quick look at what they learn"

Kids Cooking Classes

How to start kids cooking classes and turn it into a business.

Continue reading "Kids Cooking Classes"

Kids lunches beyond the sandwich.

Helping you come up with ideas for your kids school lunches or kids lunches at home.

Continue reading "Kids lunches beyond the sandwich."

Kids Cooking Tips

How to get kids interested in cooking and kids cooking tips to help in teaching kids to cook.

Continue reading "Kids Cooking Tips"

Tip for packing School lunches and how to get kids involved.

How to get your kids involved in packing school lunches, providing variety in your pack lunches, what to pack for school lunch and more help with kids lunches and healthy lunch ideas.

Continue reading "Tip for packing School lunches and how to get kids involved."

Apple recipes for kids seasonal cooking activities.

Apple recipes and activities that will help teach kids to cook with apples.

Continue reading "Apple recipes for kids seasonal cooking activities."

Make teaching easier with our activities and recipes compiled in one easy to read format.

Get Started with Kids Cooking Activities

You could start with 20 ways to cook with your children. 70 simple kids cooking activities list. Or here are some different ideas to help you get started cooking!
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