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You will also find some fun kids cooking ideas, recipes and help in teaching your kids to cook.

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Planned Kids Cooking Curriculum

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Recent Additions and Changes to the Site

Celery Facts, an information sheet for kids cooking activities.

An information sheet about celery facts that includes how to cook celery, a celery recipe and more help for your kids cooking.

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Western theme dinner.

Put on your cowboy hats and throw a western theme dinner with these menu recipes and western party ideas.

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Summer Dinner Ideas

Meal planning during the summer with dinner and lunch ideas and recipes.

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Easy Dip Recipes

Add easy dip recipes for more kid appeal with your meals.

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Banana facts, an information sheet for kids cooking activities.

Information about Banana facts, a banana recipe and banana kids cooking video to help your kids to cook with bananas.

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Kids Cooking Kits that have everything needed for a cooking experience.

Kids will love these kids cooking kits that come with real kitchen utensils and all the ingredients needed in one bag. Great gift idea for kids.

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Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Chart

Find out how color in your food provides nutrition in this fruit and vegetable nutrition chart.

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Toddler in the kitchen

Your toddler may be too young to help with cooking activities but we have some ideas with having your toddler in the kitchen with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions at Kids-Cooking-Activities.com.

Frequently Asked Questions at Kids-Cooking-Activities.com

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Kids cooking lessons plans for children 3-18 years old from Kids Cooking Activities.

Within our kids cooking lessons are easy and fun kid recipes to teach your kids cooking. We've divided our basic cooking lesson plans into 5 age groups.

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Kids Cooking Supplies

Kids cooking supplies add a little measure of fun for kids whether it is a kid's apron, cooking kits or kid size cooking utensils. Find lots of great products in the kids cooking shop.

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Meal Planning Ideas

Don't be scared about menu planning, these meal planning ideas will get you organized and ready to take on dinner each day.

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Basic Cooking Lessons

These 10 basic cooking lessons are designed to teach you how to cook natural, healthy meals for your family.

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Edible Crafts for Kids

You'll love these ideas on edible crafts for kids. These activities help kids stretch their creativity and they love being able to eat it when they are done.

Continue reading "Edible Crafts for Kids"

Kids lunches beyond the sandwich.

Helping you come up with ideas for your kids school lunches or kids lunches at home.

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Cooking Recipe Contest

Join our cooking recipe contest and win! Each month we will have a new theme for our recipe contests.

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Free Kids Cooking Printables.

Free kids cooking printables include worksheets on learning about kitchen safety, printable cooking activities, measuring charts, printable cooking recipes and some fun in thekitchen printables.

Continue reading "Free Kids Cooking Printables."

Food Science Experiments

Food science experiments are fun, educational activities to teach kids about kitchen science.

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60 Easy Recipes Kids Can Make

Easy Recipes Kids Can Make themselves -60 ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks and vegetable dishes.

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International gourmet recipes for our kids world cooking studies.

Kids can learn about other cultures around the world, broaden their horizons and have a hands on cooking experience with these International gourmet recipes.

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Chocolate Oreo Topping Cake

Ingredient- Flour -1 cup Coco powder -1/2 cup Powdered sugar- 1 cup Condensed milk - 1/3 cup Baking powder - 1 tsp Baking soda - l pinch Butter -

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Cooking with Appliances

This cooking with appliances section will help you teach kids 5 easy to use kitchen appliances while they learn how to cook.

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Kids 4th of July recipes.

Celebrate America's Independence day with these Kids 4th of July recipes.

Continue reading "Kids 4th of July recipes."

Kids Simple Smoothie Recipes.

Simple smoothie recipes that are healthy and delicious. Smoothies are a great way to give kids a little boost of nutrition and energy.

Continue reading "Kids Simple Smoothie Recipes."

Seasonal cooking provides opportunities to cook with your child all year long.

Whether it is for holiday cooking or seasonal cooking we have ideas and recipes for cooking with your kids at kids seasonal cooking activities.

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Make teaching easier with our activities and recipes compiled in one easy to read format.

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