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Kids Cooking Lessons

Kids Cooking Lessons
Toddler in the Kitchen --Help with the under 3 age group.
Kitchen Safety Rules and printable checklists
What Do Kids Learn While Cooking?
Tips on How to Teach Cooking Classes to Kids

Assistant Chef introduction lesson for 3-6 years old

Lesson 1--Kitchen Safety
Lesson 2--Spreading with a Table Knife or Spreader
Lesson 3--Practice Pouring

Chef in Training Introduction Lesson for 7-11 Years Old

Lesson 1--Review Kitchen Safety and Make a Kids Recipe.
Lesson 2--Practice Cracking Eggs and Making an Omelet.
Lesson 3--Nutrition and Keeping a Food Diary.

Junior Chef Introduction Lesson for 12-15 Years Old

Lesson 1--Review Kitchen Safety and Cooking on the Stove
Lesson 2--Knife Safety and Practice Cutting by Preparing a Stir Fry
Lesson 3--Baking Homemade Bread
Lesson 13--Cooking Side Dishes and Salads

Senior Chef Introduction Lesson for 16-18 Years Old
Lesson 1--Cooking Main Dishes and Meat Dishes
Lesson 2--One Night a Week Chef
Lesson 3--Teaching your Teen to Shop Wisely

50+ Cooking Lessons Index
How to cook basic lessons
How to make Soups
How to make 5 mother sauces
Working with yeast and breads
Using herbs and spices
How to cook vegetables
How to cook dry beans
How to cook grains
How to cook eggs
Different cooking methods
Grow your own herb garden and how to use fresh herbs
Breading and Coating Technique
How cook black beans
Making Oatmeal
How to make white sauce
How to make a pasta salad
Making fried rice
Roasting a whole chicken
Cook asparagus
Cook baked potatoes
Cook fresh pumpkin
Cook eggplant
How to make potato salad
How to make roast beef
How to make egg salad
Making potato soup
How to make lentils
Making tomato soup
How to make chili
How to make lasagna
How to make hamburger patties
How to make French fries
Making crepes
Cooking Artichokes

How cook Beets
Cooking zucchini
Spring Rolls
How to create homemade mixes like bisquick, pancake, brownie mix, etc.
How to make homemade sauces from scratch
Making cabbage rolls
Homemade tortillas
Homemade granola
Sloppy Joes Recipe
How to make mashed potatoes

Kids Cooking Videos

Kids Cooking Videos--overview

Easy Kids Meals

Easy Kids Meals--overview
Easy Meal Ideas
Freezer Meals
Healthy Meal Ideas
Kids Lunches
Help for School Lunches
Sandwich Recipes
What to stock in your kitchen?
6 or Fewer Ingredients- Snack Recipes
6 or Fewer Ingredients- Main Dish Recipes
6 or Fewer Ingredients -Side Dish Recipes
6 or Fewer Ingredients- Dessert Recipes
Easy Kid Desserts
6 or Fewer Ingredients -Breakfast Recipes
Easy Breakfast Recipes
Waffle Recipes
Hot Cocoa Recipes
Baggie Omelets
Preschool Snack Recipes
No Bake Kids Recipes
Flavored Popcorn Recipes
French Toast recipes
Brownie Recipes
Pie Recipes
Cookie Recipes
Popsicle Recipes
Chocolate Truffle Recipes
Ice Cream Recipes
Homemade Ice Cream Cake
Tips for Picky Eaters
Toddler Meal Ideas

Kids Recipe Index - See this page for 500+ recipes

Ingredient Challenge

Ingredient Challenges

Food Facts

Food Facts-overview
Apple Facts
Apricot Facts
Artichoke Facts
Asparagus Facts
Avocado Facts
Banana Facts
Bean Facts
Beet Facts
Berry Facts
Broccoli Facts
Brussel Sprouts Facts
Cabbage Facts
Carrot Facts
Cauliflower Facts
Celery Facts
Cherry Facts
Coconut Facts
Corn Facts
Cranberry Facts
Cucumber Facts
Dairy Facts
Dates Facts
Egg Facts
Eggplant Facts
Fig Facts
Garlic Facts
Grain Facts
Grapefruit Facts
Grapes Facts
Green Bean Facts
Green Pea Facts
Kiwi Facts
Lemon Facts
Lettuce Facts
Mango Facts
Meat Facts
Melon Facts
Mushrooms Facts
Nut Facts
Okra Facts
Onion Facts
Orange Facts
Papaya Facts
Parsnip Facts
Peach Facts
Pear Facts
Pepper Facts
Pineapple Facts
Plum Facts
Potato Facts
Radish Facts
Rhubarb Facts
Seeds Facts
Spinach Facts
Summer Squash Facts
Sweet Potato Facts
Tomato Facts
Turnip Facts
Winter Squash Facts

Kids Cooking Activities Ebooks

Kids Cooking Activities Store

Kids Craft Recipes

Kids Craft Recipes Overview
Bubble Recipes
Edible Crafts for Kids
Finger Paint Recipes
Arts and Craft Recipes
Play Dough and Clay Dough Recipes
Potpourri Recipes
Silly Putty Recipes
Dough Ornament Recipes

Homemade Spa Recipes

Facial Masks
Bath Recipes
Homemade shampoo and conditioners
Bath salts
Homemade scrubs

Kids Seasonal Cooking Activities

Seasonal Cooking Overview

Seasonal Cooking in Autumn

Apple Recipes
Help for School Lunches
Pumpkin Recipes
More Pumpkin recipes
In a pumpkin recipes
Halloween Kid Recipes
Halloween Recipe Ideas
Kids Thanksgiving Recipes

Winter Cooking with Kids

Hanukkah Kid Recipes
Christmas Cookie Recipes
Christmas Cooking with Kids
Christmas Candy Recipes
Homemade Fudge Recipes
How to Make Homemade Chocolates
Homemade Suckers
Christmas Food Gifts
Dough Ornament Recipes
Gingerbread House Recipes and a pdf Gingerbread House Template
Jar Mixes
Edible Gift Baskets
New Years Eve Recipes
Snowman Theme Recipes
Kids Valentine's Day Recipes
Valentine Dessert Recipes
Mardi Gras Kids Recipes
St Patrick's Day Recipes

Kids Seasonal Cooking in Spring

April Fool's Day Recipes
Easy Passover Recipes
Kids Easter Recipes
How to Make Sugar Eggs
Resurrection Cookies
Easter Bread Recipe
Easter bread with dyed eggs
Mother's Day Recipes

Kids Summer Cooking

Father's Day Recipes
Kids Campfire Cooking Recipes
Campfire Dessert Recipes
Dutch Oven Cooking for Kids
Dutch oven recipes
4th of July Recipes
4th of July Food Fun Ideas
Picnic Ideas and Recipes
Ice Cream Recipes
Simple Smoothie Recipes
Popsicle Recipes
Italian Pizza Garden
Easy Grilling Recipes
Kids Summer Cooking Ideas
10 Summer Activities
Summer Dinner Ideas

Cooking with Appliances

Appliances Summary
Crock Pot
Bread Maker
Toaster Oven

Kids Cooking Party

Kids Cooking Party Overview
Cooking Birthday Party

Princess Tea Party
Spaghetti Pie
Mini Cordon Bleu
Make Your Own Pizzas
Homemade Pasta
Mini Calzones
Chicken Pot Pies
Chicken Salad Croissants
Mini Meatloaf
Soft Pretzels
Crepes with Different Fillings
Breakfast Buffet
French Toast and Homemade Syrup
Supreme Sundaes
Cake Decorating
Cone Cakes
Cookie Decorating Party
Cookie Pizza
Cookie Swap
Mini Fruit Pies
Spaghetti and Meatballs Cake
Sleepover Party Ideas

World Studies International Recipes

International Gourmet Recipes Overview
Eastern Europe
Middle Eastern
South Africa
Southern USA cooking

Non Reader Recipes

Non Reader Recipes to Download for Your Young Chefs
Readers Cook with Books

Kids Cooking Activities Blog

Kids Cooking Activities Blog
What's New on the Site

Food Science Experiments

Food Science
Bean experiments
Jumping raisins
Poached egg
Homemade volcano
How is Chocolate Made
Apple experiments
Shiny coins
Homemade butter
Acid or alkaline foods
Make homemade yogurt
Proofing yeast and baking homemade bread
Egg into a bottle
Sourdough bread starter recipe
Homemade ice cream in a can or bag
Grow your own vegetables from scraps
Food Coloring Experiment

Cook with Books

Cook with Books
Older Readers Cook with Books

Theme Dinner Parties

Theme Dinner Parties Overview
Hawaiian Luau
Mother Nature
Movie Night
Mystery Party
Princess and Prince
Sleepover Party
Teddy Bear Tea Party
Under the Sea
Western cowboy

Kids Cooking Supplies

Kids Cooking Supplies
Kids Cooking Products
Kids Cookbooks
Kids Cooking Kits
Kids Cooking Aprons
Kitchen Utensils

Fun with Food

Fun with Food
Mystery Food Photo
Food Trivia
Kids Cooking Contest
Kids Cooking Games
Free online cooking games
Food Quiz
Food Trivia Questions
Easy Dog Treat Recipes

Cake Decorating

Kids Cake Decorating Ideas
Fun Cupcake Ideas
Cake & frosting recipes
Cake decorating techniques
Cake in a Jar
Kids cake decorating cooking party
Cake Pops
Cookie Cake
Cookie Decorating
10 favorite cake borders
Buttercream Frosting Decorating Ideas
Color your cake batter
Cake Decorating Patterns
Frozen Buttercream Transfer
Chocolate Transfers

Working with Fondant
Homemade fondant recipes
How to make cupcakes
How to frost
Cupcake supplies
How to make Cupcake Wrappers
Cupcake Cakes
Cupcake tree stand
Giant cupcake cake
Cupcake Bouquets
Cupcake Cone Cakes
Cupcake Pops

Cake Theme Cakes

Rocket Cake
Sport Ball Cakes
Dump Truck Cake
Teddy Bear Cake
Sunflower Cupcakes
Sports Ball 3D cake
Snowman Cake
Spaghetti Meatballs Cake
Spider Cake
Golf Course Cake
Car Cake
Computer Cake
Fishing Cake

Owl Cake and Cupcakes
Pokemon Cakes
Puppy Cakes
Rainbow cupcakes
Cream filled recipe
Heart shaped
Magic theme cakes
Sheep Cupcakes
Lady Bug

Free Fun Printables

Free Kids Cooking Printables
Kids Free Recipe Cards

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