Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for help here are a few frequently asked questions we see often.

How do I get started teaching?
How do I price my cooking classes?
I'm having problems downloading what I bought.
Where can I take classes?
Which Kids Cooking Lessons Manual should I buy?
Can I use a purchase order?
Can I buy a hard copy?
Can I share your resources?
Help cooking with no cooking facilities.
Ideas for young children
Ideas for middle school

How do I get started teaching cooking to kids?

These pages are a good place to get started:
Age appropriate kids cooking tasks broken down into lessons 
How to Teach Cooking
Tips for teach kids cooking
Holding kids cooking classes
We also have a lot of information available in worksheets and curriculum sets in our store.

How do I price my cooking classes?

Cooking class prices vary greatly. First look around your area or in your state and compare cooking class prices. If there aren't any cooking schools per say some grocery store chains and recreation centers have cooking classes. Also look at how much the ingredients and supplies will cost you and take that into account as well.

I find the average range is $30-$200. That is a wide range however. The lower end could be a simple class and a one time class compared to the higher cost a several week course or a class lasting several hours.

You can also think of it as how much would you charge an hour. A personal chef might charge $30/ hour or more. Then add in your costs for ingredients and supplies to your hourly rate. Also if you are renting kitchen space or traveling those are extra costs to add on as well.

I've bought materials through the shop and can't download them!

Check out our problems downloading page.

Can I use a purchase order?

All orders must go through our store online where we only can accept paypal or credit card. Not only does this allow for a secure payment process, once your order goes through it generates a download link for you to download any digital products. Many school teachers in the past have processed their own Purchase Order by first paying for the order themselves and then been reimbursed by the school or they have used a school credit card/paypal system. Unfortunately, we can't process purchase orders via our store.

I can provide a more detailed receipt with our logo. Some buyers find this helpful for turning in a receipt to their school. If that would help.

Where can I take classes?

This is an informational website and we don't have physical cooking classes available. However, we do have a comprehensive curriculum set to help you teach kids cooking.

If you are interested in finding out if kids cooking classes are available in your area, check out the kids cooking school directory.

Which should I buy the Instructor's Kids Cooking Lessons Manual or the Student Manual?

The instructor manual is more in-depth with teaching tips and ideas and geared toward the teacher as well as having all the answers included within the workbook pages. Whereas the student manual is geared to the child and has all the workbook pages ready for them to fill out themselves without the teaching tips and prompts.

The most comprehensive option is the Teacher's Curriculum Set that includes both manuals as well as worksheet sets and instructor videos.

Can I buy the Teacher's Curriculum Set in hard copy?

The Teachers Curriculum Set isn't available in hard copy. It is designed as a digital download. There is a lot of materials included in the set and making it available in hard copy would be much more expensive.

Can I share your resources with my cooking classes?

Yes, please include our web address link on any information you hand out from our site.

I don't have cooking facilities available, do you have no bake recipes or other ideas?

These pages have ideas and recipes for when you don't have a stove or oven for cooking classes.
No Bake Recipes
No cook dinner recipes and ideas
Teaching kids to use a microwave
Microwave Recipe Ideas
Picture Recipes
Toaster Oven Cooking

Do you have ideas for young children?

Here are some fun young children pages that might give you some ideas.
Toddlers in the kitchen
Toddler Meal Ideas
Preschool Snack Recipes
Picture Recipes
No Bake Recipes

What ideas do you have for middle school?

These pages work well for middle school groups:
Cooking around the World
Kids Cooking Parties
Food Science Experiments

As well as the older lessons in our Kids Cooking Lessons

I hope you found these frequently asked questions and answers helpful!
Still have questions or need help, feel free to contact me.

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