Egg Floating Experiment

Egg Floating Experiment

by disha khullar
(sedam karnataka india)

First the materials needed are
2 eggs
1 glass of water
1 glass of water mixed with 3-4 tablespoons salt

Put one egg in water and another egg in salty water. Predict which egg will float and which will sink.

Directions also from a different reader:
First you get 2 eggs and 2 1 quart containers. Next you fill up the 2 containers with water. Have a child put 1 egg into the container of water to see the egg sink to the bottom.

Next your going to show them how to make the second egg float.

Your going to get 1 cup of salt and pour it in the second container. Add the second egg and it will float. {Why}

The reason the egg floats is because the salt water is buoyant or dense. Hence why you can float in the GREAT SALT LAKE in Utah

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