Piano Cake

Piano Cake

by Brenda (Lucedale, MS, USA)

Hello. My cake was made for a daughter who LOVES the piano and happened to celebrate a birthday!

The cake was a delicious made-from-scratch chocolate cake covered mostly in home-made chocolate butter cream, but it also had fondant components.

I baked two 1/4 sheet pans and stacked them, cut out the ledge for the keyboard, crumb coated and filled the cake. Then I let it set overnight before using fondant to make the keys.

The black keys were made by covering Kit Kats with black tinted fondant and left to dry. The white keys were made by rolling out the white fondant and letting it dry out just enough to use a template and some sharp scissors to cut out the white keys.

I had to go to my own piano to get the ratio and make a working template. The whole cake was completed with more chocolate buttercream and then the semi-hardened keys were set on the moist frosting.

Shell borders were completed and writing was done. I had a couple of gum paste rosebuds from another cake and I rolled out a fondant stem for the rose and attached some leaves.

The stem did break, but I was still able to use it on the keyboard. Our daughter was so pleased that she even tried to play with her food. Cake was enjoyed by all.

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