Using your recycling game

Using your recycling game

Pass the Rolling Marble

The next game will take a bit of balancing and may cause a lot of laughter in the house. It is inexpensive and can entertain the whole family.

Supplies you will need for the game:
  • One marble (you can purchase a whole bag at the dollar store)
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Scissors

  • The first thing you will need to do is cut the paper towel tubes in half lengthwise creating somewhat of a trough. Each play will get one trough to play the game.
    The family will need to line up standing side by side. The player furthest to the right begins by placing the marble his or her trough. He must then roll it into the trough of the person to his or her left and move to the end of the line. The next player rolls the marble into the next player’s trough and moves to the end of the line. Keep repeating; until someone drops the marble. Once a player drops the marble they are out of the game and must sit out until the next round begins. The winner is declared when only one player remains standing.

    It is up to you whether there will be a prize for the winner. This is an inexpensive game that brought many laughs and fun times to our family. It can also help smaller children master motor skills.

    How High Can You Go?

    This is a fun filled game that will require the family to work together as a team. As parents we all know that learning teamwork is important and it’s a lesson that doesn’t cost much but not learning it could cost our children a lot in the future. Again, this is an idea for those on a tight budget and for those that want to teach their families that fun doesn’t walk hand in hand with spending money.

    Supplies needed for How High Can You Go?
  • One ponytail holder
  • 12” pieces of yarn (1 for each player)
  • Several small cans of different sizes

  • Tie each player’s piece of yarn to the ponytail holder and have all the players sit in a circle. The cans should be placed in the center of the circle. All the players will have to pull at the same time in order to stretch the ponytail holder enough to fit around the can. Once they have it around the can, they will have to loosen their yarn to allow the ponytail holder to secure the can so that they can lift it together and move it to the center. Then they will have to work together to drop the can in its place. The team will repeat these steps until they have run out of cans, or they goof, and the tower comes tumbling down.

    It sounds simple but, if just one person isn’t working with the team it can turn out to be quite a feat. Not only are you teaching your family that teamwork can be fun and rewarding you are also teaching that not all trash just needs to be thrown out; it can be used for other things.

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