Cooking on Shrove Tuesday

Cooking on Shrove Tuesday

by Ewan MacDougal
(Catering Equipment UK)

Pancake Day
In many Christian countries around the world people eat special food on Shrove Tuesday the day before lent, after which they traditionally stop eating luxury foods for 40 days and 40 nights. In Britain it is traditional to eat Pancakes on this day, and many people often call the day Pancake Day.

Pancakes in Britain are normally very large and thin like crepes, traditionally on Shrove Tuesday people fill the pancakes with all the sweet foods they will not be able to eat during lent.

Pancakes can be great fun to make:

2 Eggs
2 Cups Plain Flour
½ Pint Milk

Batter Mix
Mix the eggs and milk
Slowly add the flour and mix into a batter
Put the batter into a fridge and wait 30 minutes

Cooking the Pancakes
Lightly grease a frying pan with oil
Put the frying pan on a high heat and warm the frying pan until you can see heat radiating from it
Hold frying pan at an angle and pour just enough batter into the pan to form a thin pancake. As your pour in the batter tip the frying pan in a circular motion to ensure it spreads around the whole pan evenly.
Reduce the heat to medium
The pancake should cook almost immediately, loosen the pancake from the pan with a spatula
If your feeling daring, you can flip the pancake by flicking the pan (see how high you can get it!), if not just flip it with the spatula.
Once the pancake is golden brown on both sides it?s ready
Whilst the frying pan is still hot you can make another.

Once the pancakes are cooked you can put almost anything inside them, (savoury or sweet) then roll them up to eat.
Why not try these traditional combinations:

Lemon and Sugar
Cooked fruit
Ice cream
Bacon and cheese

About the Author
Ewan MacDougal taught previously taught students in Thailand about English language and culture for a year. On Shrove Tuesday that year he made (and helped eat) over 500 Pancakes with all his students. He now works for an Internet marketing company.

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