Fruit Trifle

Fruit Trifle

by stella Dias

100 grams cake sponge or butter cake
25 grams strawberry jelly
25 grams jelly lemon
50 grams custard vanilla
3 teaspoon sugar syrup
1 whole banana ripe banana, sliced into rounds
25 grams plums pitted and sliced
2 teaspoons candy color candy sprinkles (for decorating)
2 teaspoons chocolate grated chocolate for decorating
1 whole egg egg white
30 grams sugar
1/4 cups sugar
1/4 cup water

Prepare the Jello as per the packet instructions. Pour each one into a large bowl and place both bowls in the fridge for one hour or until set. After that cut out small pieces of the solidified Jello.

Prepare the custard/pudding as per the packet instructions and allow to cool.

For the syrup, add sugar and water into a heavy-bottomed pan and bring to boil over low heat to 105C degrees. Use a thermometer. Once the sugar is dissolved and it’s a bit thickened and reaches the right temperature, remove from heat.

In the bottom of your glass bowl, place squares of the sponge cake. (1/2 thick, 1 1/2 x 1 inch rectangles) I used homemade sponge cake but you can use store bought if you don’t have the time to make your own. Prick the sponge cake pieces all over with a fork. Pour sugar syrup over the cake.

Next place the cut out pieces of Jello all over the cake. Pour custard over the Jello layer. Place banana slices and plum slices on top.

For the meringue: Place the egg white and sugar in a bowl. Beat the mixture until stiff and standing in peaks (use a electric hand mixer).

Now place the meringue over the banana and plums. After that sprinkle grated chocolate and colored candy over the top.

Place the dessert in the fridge for about one hour. Serve cool.

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