Growing Lettuce

Growing Lettuce

by Sandra
(Macomb, MI USA)

I teach at a Christian school. So we discuss how God made things. When doing the lettuce experiment, I use romaine lettuce.

The experiment is done in a small group. We cut off the top of the lettuce, leaving about 1.5 inches at the bottom. We taste the (washed) lettuce. The children can choose to dip it into a dressing if they would like. We talk about how things (produce, trees, grass...) grow.

We place the 1.5 inch portion of the lettuce in water. I ask the children what they think is going to happen. The children draw a picture of the lettuce in the water in their journal. After a few days- 1 week, we draw another picture to record the growth of the lettuce. We discuss how big the lettuce will grow.

After a few weeks, if the lettuce has grown enough, we revisit the experiment via tasting and attempting to regrow the lettuce again.

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