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Lesson 3

nutrition lesson
Each of our kids cooking lessons includes a nutrition lesson. In this lesson, we will talk about nutrition, watch a healthy eating video below and keep a food diary.

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Kids Cooking Lessons Part 1: Nutrition

If you don't have a My Plate chart hanging in your kitchen, locate and print one at My Plate poster.

Part 2: Food Diary

Take a look at the My Plate chart you printed. Point out the fruits and vegetables. Talk about how many different kinds there are to choose from and why we need them.

You've heard of 5 a day, right? But why do we need to have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day?

Not only does eating healthy fruits and vegetables keep you healthy, they are packed with vitamins and minerals our bodies need. They are also a natural source of energy. Perhaps that is why they are called super foods.

super foods equal fruits and vegetables for good healthy eating
Visit our food facts pages where you will find information such as how each food grows, when it is in season, and other facts on a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Your Chef in Training is going to keep a fruit and vegetable diary this week. Each day have your child write or draw a picture of what fruits and vegetables they have eaten.

Download and print off the diary page here.
fruit and vegetable diary

You can even make this into a family affair. Have every family member (moms and dads too) keep a diary and at the end of the week see how everyone did. Remember to try to eat 5-9 servings of super-foods a day.

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