Minty green mini-cupcakes

Minty green mini-cupcakes

by Amy

1 white or chocolate cake mix
can white frosting
green food coloring
Brach's green/white or green/chocolate star mints
pure peppermint oil
green food color
powdered sugar

cupcake liners
cookie press
ziplock freezer bag pint size
dish towel

Prepare cake mix according to box, color richly with food coloring, add 6-10 drops mint, according to taste.

Bake at 320F for 10-11 minutes, cool completely, dust with powdered sugar if you want a white base for your frosting decoration.

Add color and touch of mint to frosting. Color it to compliment the shade of the cake

Using shamrock design apply frosting shamrock in the center of each cupcake, or you can use a florette or other design.

Put candies in a ziplock bag and wrap in dish towel, use hammer to crunch up the candies to lightly sprinkle on the cupcakes.

Alternately, you can omit the powdered sugar and completely frost the cakes with white, green or chocolate frosting (mint added or not). You can also add a single mint in the center of the top instead of the crumbs.

YIELDS 48-54 mini cupcakes

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