Pastry coated apples

Pastry coated apples

by Tanya
(Minsk, Belarus )

Hello. We would like to share our favorite autumn recipe, which is really very delicious and easy to cook with kids. If your kids are old enough to work with a knife, they can do everything by themselves, if not, your help with peeling the apples will require.

So, mix 200g butter or margarine with 500g flour. Add 1 egg, 200g sour cream and ½ teaspoon baking soda. Make pastry and divide it into 12-15 balls (need for each apple).

Then take 12-15 apples (quantity depends on their size), peel them and get the core of all apples leaving the bottom (no through holes). Wrap each apple with pastry, leaving a hole at the top and add some sugar or honey inside as per attached pictures. Cinnamon will be great too. Put them into the oven for about 30 minutes until all the apples are ready.

Hope you’ll enjoy the result, as our kids always do!

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