Surprise Ice Cream and Oreos Gift

Surprise Ice Cream and Oreos Gift

by Rasika Amol Varadkar

Surprise Pot

Why the recipe's name is surprise pot you will come to know at the end.
cake slices of your choice (3/4 slices)
1 C vanilla ice cream
Oreo biscuit packet
2 waffle chocolates
Cadbury balls

Other ingredients:
earthen pot
small straw

1) Take a small decorated earthen pot ( I did using dot painting) and in it put few cake slices for the 1st layer.
2) Add vanilla ice cream as second layer.
3) Add cake as 3rd layer again.
4) Add Cadbury cut into pieces for 4th layer.
5) Top with ice cream and and add chocolate shots balls.
6) Cut Oreo biscuit into pieces and add layer. Put grinded Oreo biscuit powder(to look like soil).
Take straw and insert rose into it and place this in centre of pot.

This you can give as birthday gift to your friends. Won't your friends be surprised after seeing this pot? So I called it as surprise pot.

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