Thailand Food Facts

Thailand Food Facts

by Ewan MacDougal
(Catering Equipment UK)

Thailand Food Facts
Rice is an extremely important part of Thai food. In fact the Thai word for rice "khaw" is often used to mean food in general.

In Thailand food is very important, in Thailand when you meet your friends on the street instead of saying "Sawadee Ka" which means "hello" they usually say. "Gin khaw rian" which means "have you eaten rice today"

Thai food can be very spicy, and many Thai people are very proud of how hot and spicy they can make their food.

Instead of salt and pepper on the tables in restaurants in Thailand you get four jars. One contains sugar, one contains dried chillies, one contains chili in lemon juice, one contains salty fish sauce and one contains crushed peanuts. Many people put all of these on their meals

Many fruits in Thailand are commonly eaten dipped in a mixture of salt sugar and dried chillies.

Mobile food stalls sell very good food very cheaply in Thailand, eating at these is very cheap and many Thai people only cook for them selves on special occasions.

Other facts about Thailand:
In Thailand it is considered very rude to show someone the souls of your feet as they are the lowest part of your body.

In Thailand you should never touch someone else?s head (unless you know them very well) as this is the highest part of their body.

In Thailand the king is very important; he is the longest reining living monarch in the world. People love the king very much and if you were to be rude about him Thai people would be very offended. If you were to drop a coin and it rolled away, you should never put your foot on it to stop it from rolling as you would be putting your foot on the king's head and this would be seen as very offensive.

Takraw is a traditional Thai sport, players must keep a wooden ball in the air using only their elbows and feet. Many of the moves to do this are very acrobatic.

About the Author
Ewan MacDougal spent a year living in working in a school near Chaiang Rai in Northern Thailand.

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