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Learning about Food Presentation

food presentation
Did you know the way you present your food on a plate and even the colors on the plate make the food you serve more appealing to eat? When you are plating your food or presenting it on a platter, keep an eye on color. You'll see in a restaurant little additions of lemon wedges or green garnishes to add color to your plate. Here are more ideas to add to your food presentation.

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Food Presentation Ideas

  • Garnish soup with toppings such as chopped avocado, sliced almonds or add a swirl of cream or sour cream to the top before serving.
    heart garnish on soup

  • Sprinkle baked goods with chopped nuts or streusel topping before baking.
    streusel muffin

  • Add powdered sugar to baked goods after they come out of the oven. You can do this by sprinkling sugar with your fingers or using a sugar shaker.
    chocolate cookies powdered sugar topping

  • Add chopped fresh herbs to dishes, soup or salads.
    cucumber cups with garnish

  • Add a cooked bacon strip, chicken strip or something similar to a cream soup like this pumpkin soup.
    pumpkin soup with bacon strip

  • Add a sliced orange, lemon or lime to a drink. Either in your drink to add color or sit on the edge of your glass. Most any fruit will work with this.
    water with lime

  • Add a fruit kabob to a smoothie or milkshake by adding sliced fruit to a skewer or long toothpick. Serve along the edge or in the glass.
    fruit skewers

  • Finish off a cooked pasta dish or salad with grated Parmesan cheese.
    macaroni parmesan cheese

  • Some fruit shells can be used as a bowl. Scrap or cut the fruit out and use as a serving bowl. Watermelon is often used as a serving bowl but don't forget even oranges can be mini sized serving dishes. Try coconuts, pineapples, lemons or limes.
    pineapple fruit bowl

  • Serve dips or condiments in hollowed out colored peppers.

  • Add fresh sliced fruit. Not only does fruit add a little more nutrition, they are colorful and they can easily be added on the side of your plate or decorated in a flower shape or whatever you choose.
    flower topped oatmeal

  • Add chocolate curls to cakes, cream pies or milkshakes. These are easily formed by using a grater or peeler on a candy bar. chocolate cake with curls

  • Add a baked good such as cookies or crackers to a pudding or mousse for dessert.
  • Experiment with radish roses or carrot curls is a fun way to garnish also.

**Always have an adult supervision with anything that requires knife skills.

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