Readers Cook with Books

readers cook with books
This section gives you ideas for older readers cook with books. You may have already seen our cook with books section with picture books. Now we are stepping up the reading level to chapter books. Did you know many chapter books can be combined with cooking too? Try some of these ideas below for cookbooks and recipes inspired by chapter books.

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Cookbooks and Chapter Books That Go Together

Little House on the Prairie Series

little house on prairie series little house cookbook
Little House on the Prairie Books combine with the Little House Cookbook

Boxcar Children

box car children seriesbox car children cookbook
Box Car Children Books combine with the Box Car Cookbook

American Girl

american girl seriesamerican girls cookbook
American Girl Books combined with the American Girl Cookbook

Harry Potter

harry potter set unofficial harry potter cookbook
Harry Potter Series combined with Harry Potter Cookbook
Butterbeer picture recipe

Wizard of Oz

wizard of oz wizard of oz cookbook
The Wizard of Oz Book and/or movie with the Wizard of Oz cookbook.

Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland
Alice in Wonderland Book and/or movie combined with Alice in Wonderland Cookbook

Anne of Green Gables

anne of green gables anne of green gables
Anne of Green Gables and/or movie combined with Anne of Green Gables Cookbook


redwallredwall cookbook

Redwall Book combined with The Redwall Cookbook

Little Women

little womenlittle women cookbook

Little Women Book combined with/without movie with The Louisa May Alcott Cookbook

Roald Dahl

roald dahl booksroald dahl revolting recipes
Roald Dahl Series of Books combined with Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes Book
Frobscottle picture recipe with The BFG

The Secret Garden

secret garden book secret garden cookbook
The Secret Garden Book combined with Secret Garden Cookbook

Chronicles of Narnia

narnia series narnia cookbook
Read The Chronicles of Narnia Series and combine your learning with the Narnia Cookbook

Nancy Drew

nancy drew books nancy drew cookbook
Nancy Drew Books to read alongside the Nancy Drew Cookbook

Gone with the Wind

gone with the wind book gone with the wind cookbook
Gone with the Wind classic book to read alongside the Gone with the Wind Cookbook

Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes books sherlock holmes cookbook
Sherlock Holmes Books to read alongside the Sherlock Holmes Cookbook

The Lord of the Rings

the lord of the rings books lord of the rings cookbook
The Lord of the Rings Books to read alongside the Book of Hobbit Cookery

Lemas bread picture recipe with lord of the rings

Pippi Longstocking

pippi longstocking

Pepparkakor pippi longstocking picture recipe

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What kids book would make a good cooking and learning experience?

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