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16-18 years old- Lesson 3

For today's Kids Cooking Lessons take your Senior Chef on a special shopping trip to the grocery store. Use this time to teach him/her about shopping wisely.
grocery shopping tips

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Kids Cooking Lessons- Teaching Your Teen to Shop Wisely

Show your Senior Chef what the best meat, produce, grains, etc. to buy and what kind of food you should stock your kitchen with. Soon your child will be going to college or leaving home and will be the sole shopper.

Teach him/her all the tricks and hints you can think of that would be beneficial.

10 Quick Grocery Shopping Tips - How to Save Money on Groceries

grocery shopping tips
  1. Eat first. Don't shop when you are hungry. You will come home with a lot less money and more food than needed.

  2. Store brands are okay. Often times, if you compare the more expensive brand name versus the store brands, you will save money if you choose the store brand. Most store brands contain the same ingredients as name-brand items. The only thing missing is the famous name and packaging. While you may taste a noticeable difference between some name and store brands, most are insignificant. Trying several store brands every time you go shopping will quickly familiarize you with the best-tasting store brands and allow you to forgo forever those expensive name brands.

  3. Placement of food in a grocery store is all about making money. You usually have to walk through a lot of other yummy looking items to get to the staple foods and healthy foods. In the aisles look up or down for better prices as more expensive items are placed at eye level.

  4. Watch the scanner. Make sure you are paying the right price when checking out. The scanner can make mistakes.

  5. Read labels. Is what you are buying, the healthiest choice?

  6. Grocery lists. Write out a grocery list before you get to the store and stick to what is on your list. Remember, the goal is to stick to the list as much as possible.

  7. Shop sales and grocery flyers. When the grocery store fliers come out plan your meals to match what is on sale.

  8. Compare prices by portion. How many servings/cost. Often times this is shown on the price sticker on the shelf. If it's not, calculate it yourself.

  9. Menu Plan. Have a menu planned before you go to the store. Then follow your grocery list. Not only does this keep you from wandering around the store figuring out what is for dinner, it will save you money knowing exactly what you need.

  10. Use coupons. Use coupons or rebates on items you use regularly.

  11. Avoid prepared foods. The next time you go shopping and pick up a box or bag of an already prepared item, ask yourself if you can make that at home for less. If you can, then put that item back in favor of less expensive staples.

  12. Buy in bulk. Consider the food items that you use most often. Cereals, meats, vegetables, condiments, juices, and paper products can be bought in bulk usually at a lower price at food warehouses like Costco, BJ’s, and Wal-Mart. If you have a coupon, you’ll save even more money.

  13. Don’t shop when you are hungry. You are more likely to give into those impulse buys on an empty stomach.

  14. Buy fruits and vegetables in season. Use fresh vegetables. Cutting them up and freezing them will save you a lot of money Shop at farmers’ markets when certain foods are in season

  15. Buy dried beans, not canned. It will be an extra effort but costs much less and will be healthier for you.
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