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Free Cooking Games

An adult should always be present with any kids that are using the internet. It is always important to have an up to date virus software, also. 

Some of these games teach about food safety, good nutrition or food quizzes and some included below are just for fun. We've also included a reference of games that are available offline, below. Here is a list of some free games online.

Planned Kids Cooking Curriculum

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Kids Games Online

Free online flash food games

Simple fun games
- fruit memory, cheese hunt and fruit drop.

Cook with Chef Piglet- "make" a variety of dishes with this online cooking game.

Variety of  Games

Don't Gross out the World- online quiz game on etiquette around the world.

Fresh for Kids- games like apple attack, fruit frenzy, word match, slider puzzles and more.

Food Groups Online Kids Game- organize food into each food group.

Food Safety Games- These games teach about food safety and kitchen safety with games such as Stack the fridge, The Spud Zone , Foodbusters and more.

If you are interested in games offline such as kids party games-See our kids party games for more cooking games.

Video Games and Offline Cooking Games

These game suggestions are not free but they are a reference for you to see what is available for kids games through Nintendo, Wii, board games and more.

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