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Food Trivia and Fun Facts

Test your food trivia by filling in the form below. Press submit and you will be directed to a thank you page withe answers to the kids trivia questions.
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Food Trivia Quiz for Kids

Food Trivia
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Brussel Sprouts look like:*
A. miniature cabbages
B. carrots
C. apples
Grapes grow on:*
A. trees
B. plants
C. vines
What color is Rhubarb?*
A. yellow
B. purple
C. red
You need Dairy products for healthy bones.*
A. True
B. False
Mushrooms grow:*
A. on plants
B. as a fungi in dirt
C. on fruit trees
Bananas grow in rows called:*
A. palms
B. hands
C. arms
Which one isn't a tropical fruit.*
A. Pineapple
B. Coconut
C. Watermelon
What does it mean to grease your pan?*

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After you push the submit button you will see the answers to the food trivia questions.

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