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Cooking Recipe Contest

Our Kids Cooking Recipe Contest is for a period of two months. Each contest focuses on a new "theme" and at the end we pick a winner. Prizes vary each month. Whether you are a kid or an adult with a kid friendly recipe you are eligible for the contest.
kids cooking recipe contest

Contest Guidelines

  • Your project must not appear on other websites.
  • You must provide ingredients and directions for your recipe. Please do not copy a recipe out of a cookbook or webpage. We've deleted many submissions because all entries are submitted through copyscape and some show recipes that have been copied from others site.
  • A picture is a must for readers to see the finished product. Photo must be your own and not taken from the internet.
  • You can enter more than one time, just fill out a form for each recipe submission.
  • I will edit as needed but entry must be understandable and easy to understand.

This month's kids cooking contest

Some examples of recipes shared in the past:
Rainbow Cake
Potato Bird's Nest
Hamburger with Peach Sauce

Or Share how you have implemented cooking with the kids in your life!
Share and Tell Experience - Rita shares how she started cooking lessons with her church group.

To share your recipe:
Enter your recipe in the form below.

Don't forget to enter your email after you submit the form so we can notify you when it is live and if you are the winner.

Cooking Recipe Contest Rules and Tips:

What we like to see in a recipe contest entry:
  1. Well written directions. Don't forget to use commas, capitals at the beginning of sentences, and don't use all caps to write your recipe out.
  2. A picture included is a must!  Everyone likes to see what the recipe looks like.
  3. We check recipes through copyscape to make sure your recipe isn't copied from elsewhere.
  4. Did you include your email address? The form will ask for it after you submit the recipe. If we don't have your email address we can't let you know if you win.
  5. Spread the word to friends and family to check out your recipe and comment on others, being kind and thoughtful. (We don't post mean or unkind comments.)
Spread the word, share our link on your facebook page, tweet about us or pin our contest.

Contest Prizes

Some examples of prizes we are offering:
  • Kids Cooking Apron
  • Paperback Cookbooks
  • Kids cooking kits
  • Kids Cooking Lesson Manuals
  • Blank Cookbook Journals
  • Digital Downloads
  • Gift certificate for Kids Cooking Activities Shop
*Prizes will ship USA only and digital products will be substituted for those outside the USA.

my own cookbook blank recipe book for kidsapron

kids cooking lessons manualcupcake kit

enter your recipe
Enter your Favorite Recipe here.

Recipe Contest

Enter your recipe for the contest here

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