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An adult should always be present with any kids that are using the internet. It is always important to have an up to date virus software, also. 

Some of these games teach about food safety, good nutrition or food quizzes and some included below are just for fun. We've also included a reference of games that are available offline, below as well.

Kids Cooking Activities Teaching Materials

Make teaching easier with our activities and recipes compiled in theme sets and books with an easy to read format

Perfect for teaching!

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Kids Cooking Activity Pages

This fun with food section includes kids cooking games, jokes, trivia questions, ideas on how to make eating and food more fun and related coloring pages among other fun activities. Go ahead and take a break from cooking in the kitchen and take a quiz, send in a joke, play a game or try one of these kids cooking activity pages. Included on this page:

Food Trivia
Mystery Photos
Kids Cooking Games Online
Cooking Contest
Coloring pages and worksheets

Trivia Questions and Fun Fact Quizzes

Test your knowledge with these kids trivia questions. We've included the answers so you can see how well you've done. Once you've filled out the quiz and submitted your answers, you'll be taken to the answer page.

Food trivia
Food nutrition and manners quiz
All about food trivia questions

Mystery Food Photos

what is it food photo
We have 12 close up photos of food. Do you think you can guess what our mystery photos are?

Cooking Contest for Kids

Come see our monthly theme recipe contest and enter for a chance to win. Each contest has a different focus, for example past contests have been pasta recipes, snack recipes, holiday related recipes or salad recipes, among other themes. Prizes and themes change monthly.

contest kids

Kids Cooking Printables and Worksheets

Check our free kids cooking printables section for worksheets and printables.

We have many worksheets and game printables located in our store

Offline Games

If you are interested in games offline such as kids party games- See our kids party games for more cooking games.
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