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3-6 years old -Introduction

kids cooking lessons introduction
Kids cooking lessons for 3-6 years old are often short and sweet. Remember their attention span is short, (as if you didn't know that already!!) so, small tasks are better. They learn about cooking by watching, feeling, smelling, tasting and hands on experiences.

Just letting 3-6 years old Help, Help, and Help, even if it's only adding cheese or crushing chips that go on top of a casserole, will teach them a lot.

Our 13 cooking lesson plans include easy kid recipes and no bake recipes for your assistant chef. All these kids cooking ideas bring your kids one step closer to learning how to cook.

Kids Cooking Activities Teaching Materials

Make teaching easier with our activities and recipes compiled in theme sets and books with an easy to read format

Perfect for teaching!

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3 Free Cooking Lessons Plans for Children

Lesson 1- Kitchen Safety

Lesson 2- Spreading 

Lesson 3- Pouring

The Rest of our Assistant Chef Lessons are available in our Kids Cooking Lesson Manual along with extra worksheets and tips for cooking with kids.
kids cooking lesson manual

Lesson 4-Dinner Etiquette and Manners

Lesson 5-Peeling 

Lesson 6-Practice rolling

Lesson 7-Tearing and Tossing

Lesson 8-Nutrition and Eating Healthy

Lesson 9-Practice Stirring and Making a No Bake Recipe

Lesson 10-Adding Ingredients

Lesson 11-Creating and Being Creative

Lesson 12-Practice Measuring

Lesson 13-Helping in the Kitchen

Some Appropriate Tasks For 3-6 year olds Include:

  • Scrubbing vegetables and fruits
  • Covering beans with water to soak
  • Washing table with a cleaning rag
  • Tearing lettuce
  • Stirring dough
  • Spreading with a dull knife or child safe knife
  • Pouring ingredients
  • Adding pre-measured ingredients
  • Gathering ingredients
  • Helping setting table
  • Greasing pans
  • Opening packages
  • Peeling eggs, oranges, bananas
  • Crushing chips, crackers, etc. for toppings
golden star Some children will progress on different levels. Our age groups are just guidelines. You as the adult should judge what is and is not appropriate for the child cooking. Supervision is key. So please show good judgment in teaching your child to cook.

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Kids Cooking Lesson Plans

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