Party Food Ideas - BBQ, Tea Party, Pizza Night.. so many choices

Party Food Ideas - BBQ, Tea Party, Pizza Night.. so many choices

Coming up with good party food ideas is essential to having a successful party and catering to guests of different ages is sometimes difficult. Children are often picky, teens are almost always watching their weight, and some adults have dietary
restrictions, so pleasing everyone, especially while trying to stay within a budget, might seem like a challenge. However, if you plan ahead and do some reading, making the food could be your easiest task.

Keeping it Simple

Cheese and crackers are traditional but versatile and you get a lot for your money, especially if you add a few tomato slices, olives, pepperoni, or other Italian cold cut meat. By adding to this common platter, you are giving guests more choices and pleasing more palettes.

On another platter, you might offer fresh vegetables with a dip or if you prefer to serve something a little healthier, opt for hummus,
which guests can also spread on their cheese and crackers.

These simple, affordable snacks complement each other, increasing options, and offer something for the vegan, the meat eater, the weight watcher, and the fussy eater. This is what you must keep in mind, as options are the key when serving food to a variety of guests.

BBQ Basics

Summertime is party time and just about everyone loves a good cookout, but there are a few party food ideas to make your BBQ stand out from the rest.
  • Instead of serving the usual hamburger, serve inside out burgers and set up a condiment bar that offers feta cheese, cucumber sauce, and chopped olives for a taste of the Mediterranean.

  • You might also decide to offer guests pitas instead of hamburger rolls, since they are less messy and lower in calories.

  • For a side dish, potato salad is quite popular, but tangy potato salad with paprika and a hint of jalapeno is one way to make it interesting.

  • Substitute sweet potato fries for ordinary fries.

  • Pulled pork for ribs or hot dogs is another way to put a new spin on an old classic.

  • If you absolutely must have hot dogs, a little chili and cheese is sure to win your guests affection. 

  • See some easy grilling recipes. 

A Fancy Tea Party

Finger sandwiches, fresh baked scones, a box full of herbal and fruit-inspired tea bags, and maybe some yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit are perfect party food ideas when you want to entertain family and friends over tea.

Shrimp cocktail and some hors d’oeuvres, while not common at a tea party, offer variety and add a touch of elegance to your event. Petit fours or other miniature deserts, uncommon on a daily basis, add the finishing touch to this exquisite event.

Try a teddy bear tea party or a Princess tea party.

Just for Kids

Pizza is generally a big hit among kids, so making mini-pizzas, or “pizzettes,” is one of the smart and modern party food ideas that cater to children. By making small pizzas, you avoid waste, increase the variety of topping choices, and don’t have to cut anything.
Mini-burgers, or sliders, are another great finger food for kids, along with pigs in a blanket and grilled cheese. Unfortunately, these are not healthy foods for kids to eat, so substituting whole wheat bread, turkey hot dogs, or low fat cheese will fill bellies the healthy way and keep parents happy at the same time.

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