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Kids Cooking Kits

These kids cooking kits have real child size utensils and everything you need for a baking experience all in one bag. Some sets also include a child size apron. A recipe and dry ingredients are also included in many of these kits. Most of these sets have a theme such as princess, flowers, pizza, holidays, etc.

They make great gifts for children who are interested in helping in the kitchen but can also spark a desire in children to start working in the kitchen after using them. Use these as party favors or buy several kits and use as an activity for a party. You can think of lots of fun ideas with these!
See our cooking products page for sets of kitchen utensils and cooking kits without the food items.

Cooking Kits Highlight

Some of our favorite cooking kits are from a brand called Sassafras. They have a wide variety of fun cooking experiences bundled up into one bag.

Kids Baking Sets

These kits can give your chefs a chance to get their hands involved in a ready to go recipe, real child size utensils, and eat what they created. They can be a lot of fun not only for children or teenagers but fun for the whole family.

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