Homemade Valentine Ideas

These homemade Valentine ideas include anything edible or food related. Please share your Valentine ideas.
homemade valentine ideas

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10+ Homemade Valentine Ideas

  1. Heart Cookie Bouquet

    You will need:cookie heart sprinkles
    • Sugar cookie dough
    • Red or colored sprinkles
    • Popsicle sticks
    Roll out your sugar cookie dough on a floured surface. Cut out cookies with the cookie cutters you’d like to use. Place on cookie sheet. Push a popsicle stick into the dough of each cookie. Press the cookie dough over the top of each stick. If needed you can use a scrap of dough and press onto the top of the stick.
    cookie heart bouquet
    Fill a cup with water and dip a pastry brush into the water. Brush each cookie with water and add sprinkles to each. Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes until golden brown.

    Allow to cool. To assemble a bouquet, find a basket, bowl or vase you'd like to use. You will need a piece of Styrofoam to go in the bottom of your basket. You can cut the Styrofoam to fit.

    Frost your cookies if you'd like. Push your cookie sticks into the Styrofoam assembling a bouquet however you'd like. Add a bow or whatever decorations you wish to finish your cookie bouquet.

  2. Make homemade chocolates and buy a special Valentine box to put your treats in.
    valentine chocolates

  3. Buy a glass jar or use a canning jar and layer pink then red M &M's or white jellybeans. This makes a nice "sand art" look to an edible treat.

  4. More Valentine Desserts

  5. Cut two paper hearts out of cardstock. Punch holes along the edges but not the top. Sew with yarn your two hearts together. Tie a knot at the ends of your string. Leave the top open for filling with candy.
    sewn heart Valentine with candy

  6. Make popcorn balls and stir in red hots or red M&M's.

  7. Make a butterfly Valentine with candy. Cut two hearts out of cardstock. Glue or tape two hearts together to resemble wings. Attach a roll of lifesavers, smarties, lollipop or other tube of candy for the butterfly body. Write a message on the wings for your Valentine.
    lollipop butterfly

  8. Make a giant cookie cake pizza with an I love you or Be Mine message.
    cookie cake

  9. Make a flower Valentine with a lollipop. Out of cardstock cut out a flower daisy shape. Make a hole in the middle to insert a lollipop. Write a message on the petals.
    lollipop flower valentine

  10. Make a cake in a jar. Decorate with red sprinkles or red, pink or white frosting.
  11. cupcake in jar

  12. Make a cookie jar mix and use red cinnamon hearts along with your chocolate chips.

  13. Make homemade candy wrappers. Use miniature candy bars or normal size candy bars that are wrapped in foil. Slide off the outside wrapper but leave the foil wrapped chocolate intact. Using cardstock, measure a rectangle that will go around your candy bar and leave a few inches on the sides where your foil will be seen. Cut out the measured rectangle and decorate and embellish as you choose. Wrap your new wrapper around your foiled chocolate bar. Tape it in place on the back. 

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