25 No Cook Dinner Recipes

These dinner or lunch ideas are easy recipes to put together whether you are teaching kids cooking classes without a stove or oven, or if it is just too hot to cook and you'd like a simple meal to prepare.

no cook recipes

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No Cook Recipes

Cobb Salad

Greek Salad
greek salad

Chicken Salad Pitas
chicken salad

Chicken Wrap
lettuce wrap

Tuna or Salmon Topped Salad
- Add canned tuna or salmon to your green salad or make tuna salad and place in a lettuce leaf.
tuna salad

Avocado Toast

Cucumber Boat
cucumber boats

Deli Kabobs
kabob ham


Spring Rolls
spring rolls

Cottage Cheese and Veg Toast - Toast bread and top with cottage cheese and chopped vegetables of your choice.
cottage cheese toast

Zoodles- Shred zucchini and toss with Parmesan cheese and Italian dressing.
zucchini noodles

Caprese Salad Toast - top caprese salad on toast, wrapped in a tortilla or in a pita

Broccoli Cole Slaw Raw Stir Fry - Use broccoli cole slaw and drizzle with teriyaki sauce for a No cook stir fry.
broccoli slaw

Egg Tuna Salad
tuna sandwiches

Taco Salad
taco salad

Avocado Boats
avocado boat

Grape and Fruit Platter- Add grapes, fruit slices, crackers and nuts to a platter.
grape platter

Turkey Avocado and Veggie Wraps- Using tortillas, sliced turkey, avocado slices and veggies, make wraps.
wrap sandwich

Rice Bowl- cooked rice topped with fruit or vegetables of your choice.
poke bowl

Deli Platter-Fill a platter with hummus, tomatoes, cucumber sticks, beef sticks, vegetables, cheese cubes, etc.
deli platter

Smoothie Bowl- Using your favorite smoothie, pour into a bowl and top with fresh fruit and nuts.
smoothie bowl

Chickpea Salad or substitute green peas

Deli Roll Ups
ham roll ups

Rice Balls
rice balls

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