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Teaching kids cooking with a toaster oven can be a quick and easy way to get your child excited about making their own food. They are one of the safer kitchen appliances, although you'll still need to remind them about safety issues. They are also very easy to use and produce very satisfying results for a minimum of effort. Consider setting your child a series of cooking challenges to help them master the toaster oven.

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Toaster Oven Safety Issues

Any time that your child is going to be using electrical appliances that gets hot, you'll need to remind them of the basic safety rules, and teaching kids cooking with a toaster oven is no exception:
  • Water and electricity don't mix at all, so make sure that your hands and work surfaces are dry before you start.
  • It's hard to tell when a work surface is hot or not, so always use oven gloves if you think that it might be hot. Better safe than sorry is the rule to be followed.
  • Turn everything off when you've finished with it. Not only is this good safety practice, but it also means that you're getting the kitchen ready for the next person.
Depending on the age and learning style of your child, you can either go through these verbally or make little posters to help them remember.
toaster oven

Kids Cooking Challenges

Because they're so easy to use, teaching kids cooking with a toaster oven can be used as a tool to introduce your child to some different cooking methods. Like with most introductions to cooking, children will learn best if it's fun, and if there's a certain level of competition or challenge.

For beginners, try some of these easy toaster oven recipes:
  • Grilled cheese sandwich - Buy some different breads and cheeses and spend a lunchtime getting your child to investigate the amount of time needed to create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich when using different bread and cheese combinations. This is a great time to move your child onto wheat bread and new types of cheese.
    cheese sandwich

  • French bread pizza - Get your child to help you make some marinara sauce and chop up their favorite pizza toppings. Slice a small French bread in half, and then make a pizza as you would do normally. Cover with cheese and enjoy. See more pizza toast recipes.
  • french bread pizza

  • Macaroni and cheese - Use different varieties of cheeses and different pasta shapes to find their favorite combination. This can also be a good time to investigate the difference between using the toaster oven for grilling and for baking. See some macaroni and cheese recipes.

Teaching kids cooking with a toaster oven can also help you teach them how to prepare full meals such as:
  • Quesadillas - The filling for the quesadillas should be prepared either on the stove or cold, and the toaster oven should be used to cook them. Get your child to think about suitable accompaniments, such as salsa, tortilla chips and sour cream. Try some of these quesadilla recipes.


  • Burgers - You can cook both the burgers and the buns in the toaster oven. For an added challenge, introduce your child to the different grades of doneness for beef and throw in some extra toppings, such as cheese and bacon. This will help them learn to change the heat and timing according to what they're cooking. Hamburger Recipes.hamburger
You can also use the toaster oven to make dessert dishes such as apple crisps and brownies, but it may be better to save these for when you teach your child how to use the oven.

Teaching kids cooking with a toaster oven should be a fun activity, with an emphasis on positive feedback by allowing them to think through each part of the cooking process. This will help them become a better chef and encourage them to see the toaster oven as one part of their kitchen armory.

Make teaching easier with our activities and recipes compiled in one easy to read format.

Best Toaster Ovens to Buy

As every kitchen appliance there are many brands to choose from. Often ovens burn food easily or break too quickly so choose your toaster oven wisely. Check online reviews and ratings. Here are our (and others) Top Choices.
toaster oven
Cuisinart Oven- Sturdy and well built

toaster oven breville
Breville Compact Oven- electronic controls and memory

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