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Food Trivia Answers

Brussel Sprouts look like:
A. miniature cabbages

Grapes grow on:
C. vines

What color is Rhubarb?
C. red

Name one French recipe.
See https://www.kids-cooking-activities.com/cooking-French-lesson.html for help

You need Dairy products for healthy bones.
A. True

Mushrooms grow:
B. as a fungi in dirt

Bananas grow in rows called:
B. hands

Which one isn't a tropical fruit.
C. Watermelon

List one quick grocery shopping tip.
See https://www.kids-cooking-activities.com/kids-cooking-lessons-senior3.html for help

What does it mean to grease your pan?
See https://www.kids-cooking-activities.com/cooking-terms-glossary.html

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