Cupcake Tree Stand

Making your own cupcake tree stand will save you money and give you the chance to customize the looks of it. Homemade cupcake trees are a quick and inexpensive craft that will make a beautiful centerpiece for a party.

cupcake tree stand

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How to Make a Cupcake Tree Tower

  • You will need moving boxes of various sizes or pieces of cardboard
  • Empty small clean cans or small boxes for middle support
  • Look through your kitchen for large-medium size lids, pans or bowls to use as your pattern. Depending on if you want a three layer tower or four find lids of varying sizes.
  • 2 yds or more of contact paper
  • ribbon, trim, lace or ric rac about 3-4 yards
  • hot glue gun
Trace your lid circles on the cardboard.

tracing circles on cardboard

Cut out cardboard circles with an exacto knife. Cover each circle with a sheet of contact paper. Contact paper will make it easy to clean up your cupcake tree after each use.
cupcake tree circle covering

contact covered circle

With a hot glue gun glue ribbon to edges of cardboard circle carefully.

cupcake tree circles ribbon

Cover cans with contact paper. Hot glue cans to middle of cardboard circles.

cupcake tower

Square Box Cupcake Stand

Collect boxes of various shapes and sizes that will work well for a tree stand.

Cover with colored contact paper, wallpaper or wrapping paper. Add ribbon or trim if desired. Hot glue layers together.

cupcake pinning ribbon

covered boxes with ribbon

cupcake tree boxes

Easy Cake Plate Project

If you want an easy display for a cake instead of cupcakes. Try this!
Matching plate and bowl set

plate bowl set

cake plate set

cake stand

Where to buy a Cupcake Tree Stand

If you don't have the time or want to make your own cupcake tree, try some of these.

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