Buttercream Frosting Techniques

Once you have learned how to create different decorating techniques, you can play around with different creations. Here are some of our favorite buttercream frosting techniques for decorating a cake.

Different Ways to Decorate a Cake with Buttercream

buttercream techniques


rosette cakerosette cake
Learn how to make rosettes here.

Star Fill In Method

christmas wreath star fill in method
Learn how to do the star fill in method.

Scrolling Swirls

black and white scrolls
Using a round writing tip, you can add scrolls or swirls all over the cake for an elegant and fun decorating look.

Polka Dots

polka dot cake
With a large writing tip, you can create dots of whatever sizes you'd like.

Frosting Ruffles

pink roses ruffle cake
Add ruffles with buttercream.

Basketweave Cakes

Learn how to basketweave

Shell Borders

cake with shells
Add a shell border to the top and bottom and other details with a shell tip.

Ruffle Techniques

thanksgiving turkeys
Add ruffles in different colors to make a fun cake like these turkey cupcakes.

See more buttercream frosting techniques on our 10 cake border ideas page.
cake borders

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