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Cake Borders

There are many decorating techniques you can use to create your cake border.
Each design adds a unique design to finish off your design. Here are 10 of our favorite.

10 Favorite Cake Border Ideas

cake borders collage

Shell Border

cake with shell border
This is a simple design that is used a lot in decorating. It can be used on the bottom and top of the cake such as this picture but looks great on the bottom alone. We have a video tutorial on how to make a shell border.

Reverse Shell Border

reverse shell
The reverse shell is just that a shell border but reversed.

Star Border

Piping stars are one of the most popular techniques in decorating. Using stars for a border makes a fun design. You can also add a edible decoration in the middle of the star or pipe a dot for added definition.
star border

Piping Dots

 dot border
You can pipe big dots around the bottom of the cake for a border using tip #5 or #6 tip. To make smaller dots try tip #3 or #4.

Grass Tip

cake with grass tip
Using Tip 233 around the border can make a grass effect. This tip works great for theme cakes. The instruction page has a video tutorial on how to use this tip.

Fondant Balls

elvis cake with ball border
Roll pieces of fondant into balls. Use colors to match your cake and make sure your sizes of balls are consistent with each other. A fun and popular design.


cake with ribbon
A strip of fondant is added to the bottom of the cake for a border. You can also embellish the strip with designs or patterns.  If you'd rather not use fondant, use real ribbon as a border.

Fondant Rope 

pirate cake rope border
Using rolled fondant, you can twist into a rope and add around the border of your cake.

Twisted Rope Border

gift box twisted rope border
Using two different colors roll pieces of fondant into ropes. Twist colors together and add to bottom of cake.

Shapes and Edible Decorations

edible rocks border
Simple decorations can be added around the bottom to finish off the cake such as edible rocks, small  flowers, different shapes cut out of fondant, etc.

Try one of these designs to finish off your cake!

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