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When you're trying to get your child involved in the kitchen, moving on to cooking with appliances will pique their interest and make their lives a bit easier. If your child has no experience at all, you'll need to introduce them to some simple lessons first before allowing them to use the electrical appliances that will improve their skills and repertoire. Also make sure your children are at an age where they can safely use these appliances with an adults supervision.

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Electrical Appliances

The next step in teaching your child to cook is to introduce them to the kitchen appliances that help you save time and cook more exciting meals. These cooking with appliances page below are some of the ones that are child friendly and easy to use:

bread maker Teaching kids to use the Bread Maker
The bread maker is easy to use and produces very satisfying results. It can be difficult to clean however, and some models can be very sensitive to the amounts of ingredients you put in.
blender Teaching kids to use the Blender
 This is where things start to get a little messy. You'll need to give your child lots of encouragement and opportunities to try different combinations of things to blend. Be sure to highlight safe practices when blending hot liquids.
microwave Teaching kids to use the Microwave
The microwave is an appliance that is incredibly versatile, relatively safe and can be used to cook whole meals by itself.
toaster oven Teaching kids to use the Toaster Oven
 The toaster oven is good fun to make simple, child friendly food but does contain hot elements. You'll need to introduce some basic safety rules at this point regarding heat and electricity.
crock pot
Teaching kids to use the Crock Pot
The crock pot should represent one of the final stages of your child's cooking with appliances training, as they will be able to use it to make full meals for the whole family. At this point, bring back the skills they learned using the hand held utensils to help them prepare a whole meal.
waffle iron Cooking with a Waffle Iron
Ideas to cook more than just waffles in your waffle iron.
air fryer appliance Cooking with an Air Fryer
Try this easy method for frying food healthier and quicker.
instant pot appliance Instant Pot Recipes
Cooking with an Instant Pot

These should all be taught in addition to, or as alternatives to, using the stove top and regular oven, depending on the age and maturity of your child. Make sure that you're giving your child plenty of time to practice the necessary skills, along with offering appropriate and positive feedback at all times. It will also be important to give them opportunities to show off their talents to their friends and family.

Teaching your children cooking with appliances should be fun for both of you. If you're finding that you have to fight them to get in to the kitchen, then it's time to take a break. On the other hand, if they're constantly pestering you to let them help you out, give them as many jobs as you can. By making them feel useful, you're also helping to build their self confidence.

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