Homemade Spa Recipes

Homemade Spa Recipes

Cooking with kids recipes don't have to be edible! Some fun ideas for kids, especially girls, is to whip up homemade spa recipes and have a sleepover with facials, painting nails and eating goodies. You could have a relaxing time at home just mother and daughter, or some alone time with a warm soothing bath and a facial. We've included a variety of recipes, tips and ideas for a spa party below.

Homemade Spa Party Workshop

Create a homemade spa party with your friends or cooking groups with our Spa Workshop.

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Gather the ingredients you'll need for your recipes you'd like to try. Then include some extra items such as towels, nail polish, comfy pajamas, slippers, a good movie, music and/or snacks. (we've given you some snack ideas below) Now enjoy yourself and have fun!

Please note: Be mindful of any allergies or skin irritation when using these recipes.

Bath Time Recipes
bubble bath
Shampoo and Conditioner Recipes
washing hair
Facial Masks
facial mask
Body and Face Scrub Recipes
homemade body scrub
Bath Salts
bath salts

Homemade Spa Party Recipe Ideas

Make these ideas into a party by picking two or three recipes to create, such as, a facial, hand and foot scrub and homemade conditioner. Then choose some snacks you can eat during the party!

Flavored Popcorn
Cookie recipes
Homemade potato chips
Deluxe Nachos
Dip with veggies or chips
Pizza Toast
Trail Mix
Yogurt Parfait

Homemade Spa Party Workshop

Create a homemade spa party with your friends or cooking groups with our Spa Workshop.

Make it a Spa Party

So you have the spa recipes and some food recipes for a spa party what else is there!?

For planning, create different areas for different activities, we'll call them spa stations.

Station 1: In the kitchen. where you prep food recipes.

Station 2: In bathroom, where you prep facial recipes and apply them. If your bathroom isn't big enough use a different area but be mindful of the mess.

Station 3: Kitchen table, Place a tablecloth on the table and set up nail polish, nail polish remover, clippers, etc for a nail studio.

Station 4: Separate bathroom, where you prep shampoo or conditioner. Have several shower caps available for each guest.

Station 5: Couch, For foot scrub and soak. Include a large bowl and bucket for warm water.

Depending on time and number of guests you can change these ideas as needed.

For spa party favors purchase small plastic containers or save up small butter or other small containers that have lids. Have them prepare a bath salt to take home. These are great for gifts and will store for longer periods of time.

Other favor ideas could be a small manicure kit, nail polish or lip gloss.

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