International Gourmet
Recipes for Kids

With our international gourmet recipes in our world studies program, kids will learn about cooking around the world. However, you don't have to pack your bags for these cooking adventures. In each world study, kids will learn about recipes native to each country as well as other facts about different cultures. Then they can try some kid friendly recipes on their own which are native from each country.
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Food is the one thing that connects people globally. We all eat, we all have to eat and we all love to eat. We may not all speak the same language throughout the world but we all have food in common.

Planned Kids Cooking Curriculum

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Cooking Around the World Studies

Each page includes:
  • Facts about the country
  • Fun country food facts
  • A Phrase in the native language (if possible)
  • Map of country, flag or pictures of country
  • International Recipes for kids to try

Cooking international recipes is a great way to get your kids involved and learn about other cultures throughout the world. Make it a family tradition and have an International night each month. You can dress up for the occasion, create ethnic food and take a trip without leaving your house.

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Interesting World Food Facts

Philippines and Indonesia are the
world's leading producers of Coconut.
Most Bananas are grown and
shipped from Central America.
Africa's Ivory Coast is the largest
producer of cocoa beans.
Cocoa beans are where chocolate comes from.
Olives are grown mostly
in the Mediterranean region.
rice bowl with chopsticks
Asia is where most of the
world's rice comes from.

Cooking Around the World with International Recipes for Kids

Please Note: Most of these recipes are for advanced chefs or will require help from an adult.

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Do you have an International Recipe or World Studies Fact?

Do you have an International recipe or know a lot about a country we could add to our world studies section? You can create your own page.

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Most of the United States sugar comes from Beets called beet sugar. If it doesn't say pure cane sugar, it is beet sugar. The world harvested 227 billion …

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