July National Food days

Wondering what cooking activities that are available in July? Click on the days below to find recipes to use for each national food day. As well as ideas for cooking in July.
july cooking activities

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National Food Days in July

Click on the days below to find recipes and cooking ideas to use for each national food day.
1. Creative Ice Cream Flavor
3. Eat Beans Day
4. American Independence
Caesar Salad
5. Apple Turnover
Graham Cracker
6. Fried Chicken
7. Strawberry Sundae
Ice Cream Cone

8. Milk Chocolate with Almonds
9. Sugar Cookie
11. Blueberry Muffins
12. Eat your Jello Day
13. French Fries
14. Mac & Cheese
15. Gummy Worm Day
16. Spinach
17. Peach Ice Cream
19.Ice Cream Day

20. International Cake
Ice Cream Soda
Fortune Cookie
21. Junk Food Day
Creme Brulee
22. Maple Syrup

23. Vanilla Ice Cream
Hot Dog
25. Hot Fudge Sundae
28. Milk Chocolate
29. Lasagna
30. Cheesecake

31. Jump for Jelly Beans

More Cooking Ideas in July

calendarNational Ice Cream Month- see our homemade ice cream recipes
National Salad Week- 4nd week of July- see our collection of salad recipes
Watermelon Month- try these watermelon recipes
Grilling Month- here are some easy grilling recipes
Baked Beans- check out this baked beans recipe
Hot Dogs- try this sloppy joes and toes recipe
Picnic Month- picnic recipes and ideas

Root Beer Float- Ice Cream Soda

  • ice cream
  • soda of choice, root beer, orange or grape soda is most popular
In a tall glass, add several scoops of ice cream. Pour soda over ice cream and enjoy immediately.
root beer float
Photo by American Heritage Chocolate on Unsplash

Lime Sherbet Ice Cream Soda

Try this lime sherbet soda
green ice cream soda

Homemade Fortune Cookies

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