May National Food days

Wondering what cooking activities that are available in May? Click on the days below to find recipes to use for each national food day. As well as ideas for cooking in May.
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National Food Days in May

Click on the days below to find recipes and cooking ideas to use for each national food day.
1.Chocolate Parfaits
2. Truffles
3. Raspberry Tart
4. Orange Juice

5. Cinco de Mayo
Chocolate Custard
6. Beverage

8. Coconut Cream Pie
Have a Coke Day
9. Butterscotch Brownie
10. Shrimp
11.Eat What you Want Day
12. Nutty Fudge
13. Apple Pie
Fruit Cocktail

14. Buttermilk Biscuit

15. Chocolate Chips
17. Cherry Cobbler
18. Cheese Souffle
19. Devil's Food Cake

20. Quiche
Pick Strawberries

21. Strawberries & Cream
22. Vanilla Pudding
23. Taffy
25. Brown Bag it Day

26. Blueberry Cheesecake
Cherry Dessert
27. Grape Popsicle
28. Brisket

30. Macaroon


More Cooking Ideas in May

calendar National Salad Month- see our best salad recipes
Beef Month- try this Greek Steak Salad
Barbecue Month- try this barbecue beef recipe
Hamburger Month- See our hamburger recipes
Strawberry Month- See our strawberry recipes
Eggs- learn different methods to cook eggs
Asparagus- asparagus recipes and facts
Chocolate Custard-
Salsa- homemade salsa recipe
Raisin week is 1st week of May- try this raisin experiment
Herb week is 1st week - learn about growing herbs
Frozen yogurt week is 4th week- homemade frozen yogurt recipe

Raspberry Tart

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