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National Food Days in February

Click on the days below to find recipes to use for each national food day. As well as ideas for cooking in February.

1. Baked Alaska Day
2. Tater Tot Day
3. Carrot Cake
4.Homemade Soup
Stuffed Mushroom Day
5. Chocolate Fondue
6. Frozen Yogurt
7. Fettuccine Alfredo Day

8. National Potato Lovers Day
9. Pizza Day
11. Peppermint Patty
12. Biscotti Day
13. Tortellini Day
14. Valentine's Day
15. Gumdrops
16. Almond Day
17. Cabbage Day
19. Chocolate Mint
20. Cherry Pie
Muffin Day
21. Pancake Day
Sticky Bun Day
23. Chili Day
Banana Bread
24. Tortilla Chips
25. Clam Chowder
Chocolate Covered Peanuts
26. Pistachio
27. Strawberry
28. Chocolate Souffle Day

More Cooking Ideas in February

calendar National Hot Breakfast Month- see these easy breakfast ideas.
National Chocolate Lovers Month- See how chocolate is made and chocolate recipes.
National Cherry Month- learn more about cherry facts and recipes.
National Grapefruit Month- learn more about grapefruit facts and recipes.
National Snack Food Month- see our healthy snack ideas.

Chocolate Souffle

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