Owl Party Food Ideas

These owl party food ideas are some of our favorite. The recipes we've included give kids a chance to design and use their creativity to make edible owls.
owl theme party food
You can make a whole theme dinner with these menu ideas and let the kids draw out their own party menu and invitation.

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Owl Party Food Ideas and Dinner Menu

Owl Open Face Tortilla

These sandwiches give kids a chance to use some creativity and imagination for creating unique owls! Lay the ingredients you choose out and let them create.
You will need:
  • Cheese slices
  • Salami, Pepperoni or Ham circles
  • olives
  • tortillas
  • mayonnaise or other spreadable condiment for your tortilla
Lay a tortilla on a serving platter or plate. Spread mayonnaise or ranch dressing down to help the layers stick. You can cut out circles from cheese and add them for feathers or eyes, cut pieces for wings and ears and add olives for eyes. A celery stick was added under their feet to resemble a tree branch.
owl torillas
owl on tortilla

Owl Open Face Sandwiches

Create open face sandwiches with sliced ham, turkey or chicken deli meat or hot dogs.
Use hard boiled eggs slices for eyes with olive slices on top.
Design on bread and add any garnishes you'd like such as a bacon strip "tree branch."
*These are great for helping kids use their imaginations to design the finished product!
owl open face sandwich

Rice Cake Owls

  • rice cakes
  • peanut butter or other spread
  • cheerios or other round cereal
  • apple slices
  • blueberries
  • banana slices
  • melon
Prepare an owl by spreading peanut butter over top of rice cake and decorate your owl with fruit slices and round cereal. Cut melon into beak and feet and add to owl.
owl rice cakes

Owl Omelet

Create an omelet and add garnishes for your owl such as cucumber slices and olives for eyes. Peppers cut into ear, beak and feet shapes. Avocado for wings and bacon for a tree limb.
owl omelet

Deviled Egg Owls

Prepare boiled eggs and allow to cool. Cut eggs in half saving the yolk in a small bowl. Prepare egg salad. Fill each egg half with egg salad and set on a serving platter.

Using cheese slices, salami, pepperoni, ham or other items. Create owls with your deviled eggs. We used a combination of salami and cheese circles cut in half for wings and noses with olive slices for eyes.
owl eggs

Owl Fruit Tray

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Owl Party Food Ideas -Desserts

Owl Cupcakes

Prepare chocolate cupcakes and allow to cool. Frost with chocolate frosting.
To create your owls you will need:
  • Oreos or other chocolate sandwich cookies with white cream filling
  • cashews
  • M&M's or other brown candies
Open up a cookie and place on top of the chocolate cupcake with white filling facing up. Place a brown candy on each cookie for eyes. Place a cashew nut between the two cookies for his nose.
owl cupcakes
A simple and fun looking owl!


Or create a fun cupcake cake like this one.
owl cake

Create mice cookies for the owls to eat.
mice cookies

Owl Cake

owl cake
by Joanne Clifton (Kerrville Texas)
This is a 12 in round. It was based on the invitation. Started a piece of parchment to mark off what I wanted to do, with one small bowl for the eyes and took another that was slightly larger and marked the darker area around the eyes.

There was the pupil area which was about the size of a shot glass. Once I had the eyes figured, I had the triangular area between that was to be the beak. Marked in the eyelashes. Below the eyes was the breast area that reminded me of a smaller heart pan, so I used it for a pattern for that area, and to mark off the wings.

I drew in the horned ears, the tuft on top, the feet, and the bow on the one ear and had my pattern off the invitation of what she wanted, and proceeded to bake the cake.

The 12 inch took two pound cake recipes for lemon cakes. After it cooled. I iced the top white and smoothed it with a paper towel, iced the sides in teal, then marked off the areas on the top with the bowls that I used on the pattern piece.

After imprinting the eyes, I used the black to make the pupil, leaving the small white area, made the eye lashes, used the darker teal with a leaf tip for feathers where the invitation had the darker area around the outer eyes and a lighter teal around the rest of the body in the same tip.

The wings were done in tan. The chest area outlined in the darker teal with hearts an flowers in the center of white. Prior to doing the cake, I had used the pattern pieces of the feet, ears, bow and tuft to make fondant with tylose to dry around sticks to insert into the cake at the party.

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